Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus!

The New Years Rumpus…..January 1st 2014


The Raw Rumpus is a menu plan using a system that I have used many times successfully for rapid weight release. The Rumpus is also a Tournament which adds an element of fun and competitive inspiration to going raw!

The Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus (WRR-WRR) System….

8:00 AM – Glass of water with juice of 1/2 a lemon

9:00 AM – Green Smoothie

12:00 Noon – Big Salad

3:00 PM – Nut or Seed Milk

6:00 PM – Green Lemonade

You can follow along with your own recipes or purchase the 7 Day Menu Plan here. I have 7 different delightful and seasonally fun green smoothies, 7 different big delicious and very special salads with different greens as the base each day, 7 different nut/seed milks, and 7 different yummy and powerful green lemonades also with rotating greens for maximum nutrition!

We also have a Rumpus Community for members for support, blogging, chatting, and to hang out in their “House” – their group forum for their team in the tournament.

The Rumpus lasts for 2 weeks. We repeat the 7 Day Menu Plan twice. You can opt to just do 1 week if you prefer.

When you order you’ll download the complete menu plan and the 2 shopping lists. We recommend that you shop for the first list on the day before the start date, and the second list on Day 3.

I’ll be sending out The Daily Rumpus with instructions, inspiration and support to all the members to help you get on the right track with a focus on your well-being in the New Year.

The main fun of this Program is that it is a Tournament for The Raw Cup!

House Cup Rules

You will be randomly sorted in to one of these 4 Houses:

– Super Strawberries

– Dangerous Dragonfruit

– Mad Mangos

– Grateful Grapes

You will keep a notebook or piece of paper or document in which you will start with 1000 points.

You will give yourself points and take away points based on the scoring system below.

At the end of the 2 weeks, you will send in your total points to your House Leader (TBA) (Volunteers wanted).

Each house has a Common Room (a Group Forum within the community) where they can  connect with their team for inspiration, mutual support and team spirit.

The House with the greatest number of points at the end wins The Raw Cup, a package of silly surprises!


The Scoring System….

Saying no to something that isn’t tempting: +50 points

Resisting a mild temptation: +100 points

Avoiding a situation where you know you will be sorely tempted: +200

Not eating when making food for people: +300 points

Walking away from a temptation when doing so makes you feel insane or sad or angry: +500 points

Every time you make and eat/drink one of the recipes on the menu plan: +500

Every time you make it between meals without snacking on anything except fruit and veggies: +500

Every time you eat a bite of cooked food: -10

Every time you eat a cooked snack: -50

Every time you eat a cooked meal: -100

Eating a healthy cooked side-dish with your raw meal: -20

Coffee, per cup: -50

Alcohol, per glass: -100

Working out: +500 per half hour

Drinking water: +100 per glass

This is on the honor system. It will only really be fun for you if you honor the truth of your experience. That’s what this is about.

You can even make up your own scoring system based on your own goals  for the program and your own boundaries with food and drink.

Take it with a grain of salt on the serious reality plane. There is no beating yourself up allowed. But just for fun, in the spirit of this game, I think you will be helped in resisting temptation and doing great on the program because you don’t want to disappoint your team!!

So, are we ready for the Wild Raw Rumpus to begin?

If so, order the WRRWRR here! Only $37!

You can order the Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus for only $37 here!

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Registration is now open for the New Years Session!


The New Year’s Session will run January 1st 2014 until January 14th 2014

This program does not include lifetime membership but Alumni are offered special rates for future sessions.

Thank you again to everyone who encouraged me to do this and to all of you who pre-ordered too!!! :)

The first Rumpus was a huge success and the 2nd Rumpus is in full swing – we are having a rawsome time online! :)

Here is some Raw Rumpus Feedback….

Just wanted to let you know how great the meals taste. The juice was great! The blended smoothie was wonderful. I was surprised at how good it tasted. I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

– J

Apparently what I thought was going to be a challenging menu for its lightness is too much for some of our participants!!!

…One member says:

“For the 2 days worth of recipes I only managed to do one of the nut milks and one of the green lemonades. It is interesting that, even though it is the end of day 3, and at this point I have yet to ‘consume’ all the recipes for 3 days…I have not felt hungry or ‘deprived’ at all”. – C


Every evening I’ve been lurking in the Rapid Raw Weight Release Forum and picking up these great tid-bits…On Day 6 one of our Grateful Grapes posted:


“I too have lost 4 pounds and am feeling great. I honestly didn’t realize it would drop off that fast…it definitely startled me when I got on the scale, but I wasn’t disappointed!” – S


And more…

“Hi everyone. I’m so enjoying all the delicious food I’ve been eating these past few days. The morning smoothies in particular are divine! After all the greasy, heavy Thanksgiving food, I’m finding it just really wonderful and feel better already. Following a plan is also making me realize how much raw food one has to eat for this. I have not been hungry at all yet. Thanks Jinjee”.  – J

“We put up our Christmas Tree today and we decorate it as a family and put candy canes on it. Well, without thinking (we always eat a candy cane), I put a piece in my mouth and literally panicked! I spit it out and said I am not suppose to eat this! So, my husband ate the rest for me. As soon as it touched my mouth I knew something was wrong!! I am excited for tomorrow! I have a long day at work. So, I juiced for two days and am ready to go!!” – K

“What a great week!  I have released 4 pounds also.

The BEST part is getting my ‘focus’ back to raw. I feel like something has clicked.  Lovely to feel back on track.

The points are a great incentive.  I have been doing a big salad at lunch and  big smoothie for dinner, snacking on 15 nuts if hungry. Love the salad recipe variety. :)

AM going shopping for pumpkin seeds  because I can’t wait to taste the pumpkin milk. Super excited to do week 2.

Every day this week a co-worker has brought snickers bars and has offered me one after lunch + eaten one in front of me. Normally that would be an “ok.” on my part…but I have resisted easily!  Not even tempted….wow!  :)  Mango madness prevails!  :)” – L


“Ok, I too have been hit with the energy bug.  I went for a long walk the other day even though I knew I would also be attending my rowing class later.  Rowing burns a lot of energy with many burst and a 250 meter race against my own best time.  I’ve beat my best time every time since starting RRWR.

I’ve been uncluttering the house too.  I have the intention of moving and feel it would be a good idea to have the house ‘move ready’ when the time comes.”


Let the Wild Raw Rumpus Begin!!!

I want to share with you an incredible new Before and After Photo we just received from a long-term member of our 21 Days Raw and 28 Days Raw Programs.

I want to say that the Rumpus is even more geared to weight release, and although it doesn’t come with a lifetime membership like the 2-Program Special for the 21/28 Day Programs does, it is our most affordable program and a good starting place!


In Joy!



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4 Responses to Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus!

  1. Carlos says:

    Jinjee, love your site … but look what the evil ones are doing to us now:


  2. Soorya says:

    How wonderful that is Valda! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your victory.

  3. Jan Flynn says:

    Raw works! I’m so excited for Valda! Thank you for sharing her story. My gosh, #150 is another whole person! I’m re-inspired to go completely raw. I lost #50 a couple of years ago by drinking green smoothies, raw juices, eating raw foods, and eliminating fat, salt and sugar. I dropped from size 18 to size 10 (#205 to 150). I’ve gained 15 of those pounds back because it’s challenging to stay raw. I find that when I keep reading, and filling my head with how nutritionally intelligent raw foods are, I keep on track better. Everyday, my goal is NOT to eat refined sugars, salt, and only plant-based fats. Thank you for your good work. Everyday is a new day. And we get to start again!

  4. Peaches Q says:

    I will begin my 1st week tomorrow, Saturday the 7th. I went out shopping for the first 3 days today. Late start…better than no start. My cardiologist is threatening to put me on medications, I refuse, so Here’s To My Health!!!!

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