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Changing your focus…

You can’t just focus on what not to eat. That’s no way to go on a new diet or change your dietary lifestyle. Sure, you know what you want to stop eating. But what will you eat now?

That’s where your focus should be. It’s more exciting to focus on what to do than on what not to do.

I think that’s one reason why the raw vegan diet works very well for many people for weight release and healing.

There’s a focus on new recipes, learning the new art form of raw cuisine, purchasing fresh, beautiful, colorful, vibrant and exciting produce, plus there are recipes and menu plans and philosophies of eating raw to explore.

There’s a whole movement of raw vegans to gather education and support from, and if you’re a member of my raw programs there is a very focused new group of people going raw together to make the journey exciting, fun and supported.

At the very least if you’re planning on cutting out certain foods from your diet whether it be sugar, gluten, greens, or animal products it’s really helpful to have a plan for what you are going to eat to keep you from the natural tendency to slip back into your default habits.

It could be as simple as making a list of what you’re going to eat today or tomorrow or as comprehensive as signing up for an online diet program likeĀ 21 Day Raw Cleanse

My next 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins this coming Monday May 29th! The Early Bird Special is still on, offering a sweet deal on a lifetime of Raw Support until Friday atĀ 21DaysRaw.com

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