True Stories from Wild Raw Women

I was just cruising the Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus
community this morning in search of feedback on our latest session.
Here is what these Wild Raw Women have to say about their
challenges and victories!

Traveling can be so challenging. I envied you with all that fresh
fruit and eating it in a country where it was local.
Congratulations for doing so well. The RRWR certainly has instilled
some good habits into us. What a success to now be craving these
foods too. I now look at leafy greens being a staple. If I have a
variety of greens in the fridge I know I can always throw something
together…a smoothie, a salad or a green juice. I’m going on a
road trip for a few days to visit a friend. Thankfully she also
eats simply and similarly. I’m making green smoothies to last a few
days and just taking some salad ingredients. No anxiety for a
change about food prep. Keeping it simple and knowing I will be
nourished. Yay for us! – P

It’s been soooo cold and wintry here in North Georgia. Like
Dolphin, the best I could do yesterday was to do my best. I had a
slice of toast and some candy. Felt very, very gross afterwards.
I am RENEWED today! – W

I’m not able to get every ingredient for the recipes, so my focus
is going to be on the rawness of my meals, not following the
recipes to the tee. It’s a start! – M

How can we possibly fail……with such a wonderful, articulate,
positive, supportive, encouraging, amazing group of like-minded,
beautiful people?I feel truly blessed, my friends, so here’s to
sharing many victories! Thank you – V

I’ve just read the previous posts including Lanette’s from the
prior month. Thank you everyone for thinking out loud. Lanette
(from the last round) was saying that she is staying 100% raw
following the form of smoothies, salads, nut milks and green drinks
and not necessarily the recipes but feeling all the benefits: I
don’t stick to the menu but I have been keeping to drinking
smoothies for breakfast a salad for lunch, the milks and then
either the juice or salad for dinner. Snacking on fruits when in
between meals. – D

It’s a good reminder to be kind to myself for staying raw. A great
step towards recommitting. The weather is finally warming up. But I
head out to travel this weekend and have not enough time to fully
prepare for it. I will do the best I can and bring my own dressing
and even some food I prepared to share. – F

Small insights: I definitely love drinking a green juice in the
morning with celery and cucumber.

A celebration: my husband is willing to make them for us. He too
finds that being raw gives him more energy. I prepare the rest but
he often helps. This is something I’m very grateful for. We’re
learning how to feed each of us the way we need it. Trail and error
and refinement taking place.

Insight: I like my smoothie for supper when I am not with other
folks sharing a meal. A salad suits better then. But I still have
trouble not partaking in healthy vegan cooked when offered. As
Jinjee helped me see when I first started, it is a matter of
quantity – just a couple of tablespoons of the best of the dishes

A celebration: I really am good about not choosing what I consider
to be unhealthy. It is still about fine tuning. – L

Yesterday was my day one and it went great. I really enjoyed the
smoothie and the salad dressing was very tasty so I’ll be using it
frequently. I tried to stick to the exact menu… I didn’t have
oranges for the smoothie so I left it out and I used half the
amount of avocado. I made a double batch so my husband could join
me. I added tomatoes to the salad and I didn’t have the Pumpkin
Mylk but I’ll have it today as I was really looking forward to it.
Last night, a group of friends had an Oscar viewing party and I
sort of wanted to cancel because of all the wine and tasty food. I
decide to go so I took my Green Lemonade in a big mason jar and
drank it from a wine glass all night. I felt so emotionally and
physically great that I was hardly even tempted by the food and I
stuck to my juice. This was a huge deal for me as I would usually
have indulged heavily. The best part was that everyone wanted to
taste my juice and they loved it. Two of them want to do a cleanse
with me now so I’m going to help them. – S

Thanks again for coming up with this program. Its simplicity and
group support has been by far the best way to get started or jump
back into raw. I’ve really enjoyed the various salad combinations
on the menu plan. Love my afternoon nut mylks too. – Z

Joining the Raw Rumpus was definitely a major step of me, I love
the bond we seem to have going. – O

Thank you, again for making the RRWR an ongoing option… it has
been a blessing in many ways and so very helpful in keeping me
moving forward in my endeavor for optimal health through a raw
diet! All the connections with the other participants helps in so
many ways….a place to go and read inspirational successes when
the temptation starts to creep in to go “off the wagon”, a bunch of
great ideas and strategies that others are using to make the raw
diet work for them that are helpful for me as I address my own
challenges, and just a place for sharing and support along the way!
Thank you! – A

These points besides fun were a brilliant idea. If one didn’t
journal tallying up points were just a great way to bring
awareness to how we were doing each day. Also having a small
group participants to communicate with was very supportive. Most
of all really feeling your presence and support was an integral
part of RRWR.

As I mentioned before I immediately felt the difference when I
started on this raw cleanse. I woke up on day two feeling alert
and not lethargic or bloated. The smoothies and salads were
delicious and I felt so nourished throughout each day. Feeling this
mental clarity, improved energy plus watching the scale gradually
but consistently move downwards made it so easy for me to stick to
the program. Feeling this way is just too valuable to give up.

This simple raw program has been perfect for me to get back into my
raw regime. – M

First, THANK YOU! This experience has been a lot of fun, very
motivating, and super satisfying! I would not have thought that
keeping these points, blogging with “our team” and all the other
aspects would have been as rewarding! It truly was and I am
grateful to you and those who have done the work to make this
happen! I am looking forward to joining this next session as well
and hope some of the others from the Super Strawberries will be
involved also! A few have expressed plans to, so hopefully they
will be able to continue! – C

For more true stories and info on The Rumpus starting up again
April 14th, check it out here…

In Joy!

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