Top Ten Ways to Go Raw

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

1. Raw Retreats – Like OHI Optimum Health Institute

2. Raw Chef Training – Like Living Light Culinary Institute

3. Online Raw Menu Plan Program – Like 28 Days Raw

4. Raw Recipe Books – Like Raw Food, A Complete Guide For Every
Meal of the Day

5. Online Raw Educator Certification – Like the Raw Vegan Network

6. DIY – Go to raw potlucks, festivals and events. Study it all
then take the plunge

7. Gradual Transition – Start adding more raw foods, decreasing
cooked foods

8. High Raw – Eat raw until dinner for example, or just allow
certain cooked foods

9. Cold Turkey – Just eat fruits and veggies, salads, smoothies,
juices, etc. and learn and invent recipes as you go along

10. Raw Support – Join a supportive community like The Raw Rumpus,

So many great ways to go raw! Enjoy the journey!
In Joy!

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One Response to Top Ten Ways to Go Raw

  1. valia says:

    Hi, I love eating row, but sometimes it aggravates my IBS, is there anything I can do, avoid, change so I can still ear row but not having abdominal pain?

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