Too Much Raw Energy

stormswim63bA surprising problem that many people have with the raw diet is that it gives them too much energy! Even if they don’t realize it, they will go off the diet if it gives them more energy than they require for their lives. Having more energy than you need can be uncomfortable, and you may naturally reach for some cooked food to bring your energy down to a manageable level.

One of our Raw Rumpus members posted in the Rumpus Community…

“I’m starting to feel a lot of energy.. like never before!! I sometimes feel like When you drink too much caffeine! Except I don’t drink any coffeine!

Is this normal? In the evening, after spending all day at work, coming home, cooking my dinner and my luch for the following day, entertaining my 6 months old boy, feeding him, putting him into bed, and eating my dinner, I feel like exercising, so I do the 12 minute workout. And wow! I feel like doing the marathon! It’s almost like I’m possessed by someone very active, and for me it’s a first as I’ve always been a lazy couch potato!

Any ideas to channel all this energy?

Thanks MM

Here is what I wrote back

Dear MM,

So glad you are having this problem!!! :)

But seriously, this is one reason people go off raw, unconsciously.

You are right the energy needs to be channeled or your body will not want to keep eating this way!

There are many options for channeling your energy….Through Physical, Mental, Creative, Spiritual, and Social energy!

1. physical —
cleaning, have your house always be clean
get an active job
do active volunteer work
helping people with physical work (gardening, moving, hauling, renovating, etc…)
become an athlete
take up sports
go into training
run a marathon
find a new workout you love
become a dancer

2. mental — (you burn more calories thinking hard than exercising!)
problem solving
goal setting
get your phD
take on more responsibility at work
learn about quantum physics

3. creative
follow your bliss
do your creative work in the world
dance, sing, write, paint, knit, sew
create your new career / business
be innovative
re-invent yourself
do a big project
find your mission in life
fix up your house
make furniture
write a book

4. spiritual (uses energy but also calms your energy, balances your energy, helps you manage it. And like mental energy, spiritual energy probably uses significant calories too, I’m guessing)
spiritual practices
spiritual study
going in to nature

5. social
Do things with friends
Make a new friend
Make friends with everyone
Do something in your community
Go dancing
Teach a free workout class in the park
Organize social events
Organize a raw weekly potluck, movie night
Start a band or choir
Develop closer more meaningful relationships with family members
Spend quality time with people you love
Often when people go raw they experience / make profound life shifts and I think in part this can be in order to channel the higher levels of energy raw food gives them.
I hope this helps!!!

In Joy!

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6 Responses to Too Much Raw Energy

  1. Krista says:

    I agree with Elinor. Energetically speaking, sex is the highest of the high..or it can be. Which is why it has been historically used in certain forms of ritual, and even witchcraft. It’s the energy of creation, and couples that understand this can use sex to bring enormous creative energy to their joint and individual endeavors. Have a bunch of sex with no mutual creative intent, and the relationship will sour..the energy builds, but isn’t then we get the opposite energy of creation, which is of course, destruction.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I disagree that sex is the lowest possible vibration. It’s certainly nothing to feel repulsive or shame someone for, Chris. I think it’s an excellent way to burn off some extra energy. Shame on you Chris for attempting to make someone feel bad about their own sexuality.

  3. elinor says:

    Chris, why is sex repulsive? I think sex is a beautiful way to use your energy while feeding you emotionallyand spiritually, enhancing your relationship/bonding with others, expressing love and creativity. It is so puritanical to see sex as dirty, I hope you were joking.

  4. Chris says:

    Jennifer, how repulsive! Shame on you!

    Jinjee I would recommend using that energy to manifest growing in wisdom and knowledge – – aspiring to a higher life. . .beyond the social nonsense and usual antics of a sick society.
    Its the only thing that will truly help us once we exit this life. . best to dedicate lots of time to growing our consciousness. . . (as opposed to the lowest possible vibration of sex.)

  5. leila says:

    Hi, when I was on the raw diet to overcome this problem I used to make sure my last meal is 2-3 hours before I go to bed, & categorized my food intake, I ate high calories energetic food in the morning usually fruits & less calories food for lunch nut cheese with raw crackers or spreaded on green leaf, guacamole, then for dinner I’d have a salad with dried vegetable crackers or even with a free nut crackersor a couple of bananas, the idea I’d less energy food towards the end if the day, & to give your body sometime to settle before sleeping..

  6. Jennifer Harvey says:

    find a way to have more sex!!!

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