The Quiet Revolution; How The Raw Diet Will Change the World

Going Raw is more than just doing a diet, more than just losing weight, more than just feeling more energy, more even than rejuvenating, healing yourself and preventing disease.

Going Raw changes everything! In changing yourself you certainly do allow yourself the opportunity to more fully realize the full scope of the gifts you have to offer in the world, and to more fully enjoy what the world has to offer you.

But in the sense of the parts affecting the whole, each of us becoming healthy in mind, body and spirit uplifts the vibration of the planet. Going raw naturally includes the greening of the planet, reducing the carbon footprint, reducing the use of packaging and agricultural chemicals, and lessening the waste and pollution generated in the factory farming of animal products.

If you have an interest in raw foods, keep in mind this brilliant quote: “Your passion is your purpose!” Going raw may be bigger than you; you may be a player on the stage of world change, influencing the direction of the health of the planet and its population.

Everyone on any of these alternatives to the Standard American Diet is a silent hero. And the beauty of everything being one is that as you become happier, the universe becomes happier.

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In Joy!


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One Response to The Quiet Revolution; How The Raw Diet Will Change the World

  1. Luz says:

    Hi, Jinjee! I am a vegetarian- quasi vegan- for a couple of years now and am very interested in going more raw. the problem I have is that I live in a small community in northern Canada… really northern! It is -24C right now! we only have one grocery store, Safeway, with a limited offer of veggies and fruits, at quite the prices too! I am afraid to try your Rumpus starting tomorrow and not be able to find most of the ingredients, like coconuts, fresh pomegranates, or anything truly organic. No bulk nuts either. any advice, do you help with substitutions? I need a good clean up after holidays excesses!
    thanks, Luz

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