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Fridge Before and After Raw Diet

We have had a lot of submissions of Before and After photos from people who have taken our 21 Day Raw Cleanse and 28 Day Raw Transition Program….. But this is the first Before & After of a Fridge that … Continue reading

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Why Your Body Will Love This Raw Menu

Happy May Day! Our new 3 Weeks Raw Recipes Menu Plan Starts this Monday May 6th! Our 21 Day Raw Cleanse starting Monday is the ultimate raw menu plan to start you off on a 100% raw vegan diet! Week … Continue reading

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My Diet is Not My Identity

Here is a letter from a reader with some very common problems people face when trying to go raw, and my response to her…. Hi there Jinjee, I really need help!!!! I went raw a number of months ago because … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Ignoring Temptation

A good way to stick with your plan to stay on the 100% raw wagon is to throw yourself in to your work! When temptation hits, you need a variety of tools and tricks to keep it at arms length. … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Essential Raw Vegan Foods

The raw food diet works so well because it is fresh, alive, and is structured by the intelligence of nature without any tampering with by man and our drying, dehydrating, heating, boiling, extracting, powdering and all the other things we … Continue reading

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The Quantum Case For the Raw Vegan Diet

If indeed our thoughts create our reality, if indeed our world is shaped by our collective agreements, if indeed molecules respond to our expectations, if indeed energy can be shifted through our attention, if indeed we are co-creators of the … Continue reading

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Opposition to Raw / Kids and Protein / Does Everyone Thrive on a Raw Diet?

There is a lot of opposition to raw food out there! Spouses can be a major source of this, as you are threatening their style of life, and totally changing their relationship to you in a way, since food is … Continue reading

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28 Day Transition To Raw Program

The 28-Day Transition-to-Raw Program starts on July 26th! If you ever wanted to go raw but didn’t know how, if you ever tried to go raw but couldn’t, if you are unhappy with your raw diet, if you have been … Continue reading

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Transformed by Fruit

When I eat just fruit for a week or two at a time, I notice I have almost unlimited energy, my skin is totally transformed – translucent and glowing, my eyes get bright and clear, and I totally enjoy my … Continue reading

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“Eating” is a DVD that will cure anyone of the desire to ever eat meat and dairy again! This DVD was made by a group of medical doctors who realized through their work that diet had a profound effect on … Continue reading

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Beegan Confessions

Every once in a while I get an email from someone who thinks we should not call ourselves raw-vegans as we eat honey. Fortunately, there’s a new and more politically correct term for vegans who eat honey: “beegan”. I think … Continue reading

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Powered by fruit

If you really want to do a fun, healthy, cleanse / detox, eat only fruit for three days to a week. Or even a day. You will feel instantly amazing. Your body and soul will know why many fruits are … Continue reading

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Stop Beating Yourself Up for Beating Yourself Up

Hi Jinjee, I have tried to eat mainly or all raw food on and off for several years. Usually I make it anywhere between 1-3 months with occasional cheating before I go back to a cooked vegan diet (high carbs-bread … Continue reading

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Onions, Amazing Flu-Prevention Tool

I like this Glass Onion piece by Alf from Flickr, as it shows how the onion is like cells. It also looks very protective with layers of protection around the cells, a quality that onions have according to the article … Continue reading

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Listen to Your Body

Received this email from a reader…. “Is it absolutely necessary to include fats in the diet? I am allergic to all nuts (even soaked), coconut, avocados, and refined oils. I have 9 bountiful citrus trees in my yard so eating … Continue reading

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