Self-Esteem Creates Symmetry

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-01-38-amI was thinking about how beautiful Oprah looked in a recent video.

Here is a woman who did not always feel beautiful and yet is becoming more beautiful as she ages.

I was trying to imagine what goes into that process.

And I think that maybe when you make decisions in your life that are balanced, you become a more balanced person and so your features come into a more balanced symmetry.

I think there are many other factors of character that show up on our faces over time. Certainly our default emotional state has some effect on the character lines in our face.

What are some things you can see in a persons face? Loving, caring, joy, pain, determination, hopelessness, resentment, sensuality, peace, worry, curiosity, openness, intelligence…

Certainly healthy living has a lot of bearing on the way that we look as we age.

And I think all of this helps to further validate the 3-prong idea that health is determined by how we eat, how active we are, and by our inner emotional life.

I am honored to run a series of raw diet programs that activate these three areas to generate tremendous momentum which makes leveling up ones health almost easy.

For details and the new schedule see

In Joy!

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