Raw Almond Milk vs. Packaged Almond Milk

I’ve noticed that packaged, cooked almond milk is now available in grocery stores everywhere. I think it is a sign of the times that more mainstream people are avoiding dairy when possible and opting for heart-healthy almonds! It seems you can even use it in place of milk in many cooked recipes.

But although it is an improvement on dairy, there is still a big difference between cooked, packaged almond milk and fresh, raw, homemade almond milk. The energy and life-force in the cooked milk is boiled out whereas raw almond milk, most often made with soaked, germinated almonds is packed with this energizing life force.

In addition you know what all the ingredients in your raw almond milk are. It can be as simple as just almonds and water. Or you can add honey, dates, a dash of oil and salt, a little vanilla, cinnamon etc. In the cooked almond milks you will find stabilizers, thickeners, and flavor enhancers all of which are chemical additives that detract from the pure nutritional value and add unnecessary toxins.

If you google any common ingredient in cooked almond milk, for instance carrageenan you can find a ton of information including fascinating articles like this one:
http://chriskresser.com/harmful-or-harmless-carrageenan (No, I’m not advocating a Paleo diet, although it beats the SAD, but this guy is a good researcher).

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In Joy!

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