Adagio, please call Jinjee at 1-250-797-7001 as soon as possible!

newposterMissing persons: Adagio Talifero (Dag) and Gerald Talifero (Storm).

Mother Jinjee Garrick (formerly Talifero) is seeking her son. Adagio was last seen leaving his home in Camptonville, California on June 1st 2018 in the company of his Father, Storm Talifero.

Storm was seen several times between June 1st and June 7th 2018 by family members in the Santa Barbara and Ojai areas. And by friends in Arizona. But Adagio was not with him. Storm was last seen when he was dropped off at College Point by Goleta Beach / Goleta Bay by UCSB in Isla Vista (Goleta area of Santa Barbara County).

Storm said Adagio was on board a friend’s 30 foot sailboat in the Goleta Bay anchorage, with the friends. He said they were going to sail the friend’s boat together 200 miles out to sea. Storm told some family members “if the friends got seasick or nervous, as they often did when they got out of sight of land, he would drop them in San Diego, otherwise they would all sail to Hawaii together”.

Storm has not been seen since that day, June 7th 2018.

Nobody in the family or circle of Storm’s friends were given the name of the friends or of their boat. So the Coast Guard didn’t have a way to help us, although they did their best by alerting commercial vessels to keep an eye out for a sailboat with a father/son aboard. They circulated a poster made by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

You can help by circulating the poster above as well as the one of both Storm and Dag on Facebook from my Find Adagio page.

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