Vegetarians Don’t Live Longer???

Fellow vegetarians, not only don’t we live longer than meat-eaters, but we’re also the least popular kids on the block!

According to this article studies show that vegetarians do not live any longer than omnivores. Their only distinguishing characteristic is that people see them along with drug addicts in the most negative light.

On the bright side this article did not study raw vegans but admits that eating fresh fruits and vegetables can lengthen your lifespan.

The takeaway for me is no matter what your diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for better health and longer life, but if you want friends don’t tell anyone you don’t eat meat.

You can read the full article here:

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Influences Upon Health

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.04.24 PM

Was studying about Process Mapping for business, and found this graphic (above) amongst the many examples of types of Process Maps. This one happens to be quite interesting as a way of looking at health and how our various habits influence each other and our weight/health and attitude!

So to put it in words, which are for me more influential than visuals, what I can learn from this map is that…

1. Our Attitude affects our Exercise Habits, Eating Habits, Stress Levels and Sleep Habits, which in turn affect our Weight/Health. (attitude affects everything)

2. Our Exercise Habits affect our Eating Habits, Sleep Habits, Stress Levels and Weight/Health. (exercise affects everything)

3. Our Eating Habits affect our Sleep Habits and Weight. (though I would add that they also affect our Exercise Habits and Stress Levels and therefore our Weight/Health – so basically everything)

4. Our Stress Level affects our Attitude, Exercise Habits, Sleep Habits and Weight (and of course it affects our Eating Habits if you’re me, so yeah, our Weight/Health also thereby)

5. Our Sleep Habits affect our Attitude, Exercise Habits, Stress Levels and Weight/Health. (But why wouldn’t they affect our Eating Habits too? I suppose the map shows that they do so via affecting our Attitude. I can see how that could be true, especially if you equate attitude with the decision-making impairments that can accompany lack of sufficient sleep)

6. Weight Gain (Health) affects our Stress Levels and thereby our Exercise Habits and Attitude. and thereby everything else. You can see how this could be a cycle of Stress leading to Weight Gain leading to Stress leading to Weight Gain, etc… just for example.

The takeaway… Everything affects everything. Attitude, Exercise, Eating Habits, Sleep Habits and Stress Levels are all very important to your weight and health.

But where is the easiest place in the cycle for you to make changes?

Make a positive change in any one of these areas and you’ll start a positive upward spiral for your health.

In Joy!

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How to Make a Raw Vegan Diet Cost-Effective


- By guest blogger Sam Socorro

Everyone wants to be healthy, but it can be hard to know who you can trust with your food. With all the controversy surrounding food processing, artificial ingredients, and loose regulation, it’s no wonder that droves of people are turning to vegan and raw food-based diets.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: if you’re going to eat a raw food diet, you should really eat organic foods. There’s no point in trying to reap benefits from raw foods if you’re going to ignore the pesticides and other undesirables that exist in most supermarket foods.

Sure, raw food diets are constantly praised by doctors, health-gurus and celebrities, but where are ordinary people supposed to find a good source of organic, healthy, raw food without spending their entire paychecks on a week’s worth of food? After all, not everyone has the seven-figure salary of a celebrity…

The price of produce varies greatly, according to My Money Blog, a website that serves as an educational tool for investment and financial planning. Mushrooms top the list of vegetable prices at $4.02 per pound, while potatoes are only 48 cents per pound. Remember, if you shop smart, you can shop cheap. The prices listed are for inorganic foods, but the logic applies to both organic produce as well.

Another way to view the value of produce is to take a look at its nutritional content. Sightline, an independent, nonprofit research center, has compiled a few lists that rank fruit and vegetable prices against their ANDI, or Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. Basically, they’ve shown what foods provide the best nutrition at the cheapest prices.

Among the top scorers of their vegetable lists (top means good value), Sightline has cabbage, collard greens, and carrots listed. As for the fruits list, watermelon is by far and away to the most nutritious for its price, followed by plums, oranges, apples and strawberries.

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck with an organic raw food diet, you should take the time to learn the relationship between seasons and produce. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more money for less quality. This is because, during the colder months, supermarkets will outsource their produce-farming to warmer climates, leading to early harvesting and product degradation during transit. Still not convinced? The increased prices of getting said fruit from the farm to the store end up getting paid for by consumers.

The USDA has an expansive guide on what produce grows during each season, as well as ideas for how to use them in dishes and basic nutritional information. Each season has its own list, and each list as more than twenty examples of popular produce that grows during each season.

By comparing the sources above, we can create our own list of the most cost efficient produce, both in price, nutrition, and season. In the spring, you should buy cabbage, collard greens, carrots, and cauliflower. In the summer, you should focus on watermelon, plums, oranges, and strawberries. For fall and winter, go for bananas, oranges, carrots, cabbage, and collard greens.

Look for local farmer’s markets to find good deals on the freshest produce available. Afraid of the prices on premium veggies? Don’t be. Happy Money Saver reports that many produce items are actually cheaper at a farmer’s market than at a supermarket. If you do your research, you can find out what prices are best for both farmer’s markets and supermarkets.

Not everyone can afford to go completely organic. If your budget is tight, and you feel that you need to supplement your diet with inorganic food, you should look for food with inedible rinds, like bananas or oranges. Because you peel the outermost layers off, you won’t consume the pesticides that get sprayed over the crops. Similarly, you should never eat berries that aren’t organic, as their porous surface makes them more likely to absorb chemicals. This logic applies across most produce.

Despite what you hear, raw foods don’t have to break the bank. If you’re smart and plan ahead, you can figure out what foods to buy, when to buy them, and where to find the best prices. Luckily, the prices of raw, organic foods will only go down as demand and agricultural advancements progress.

This article was written by guest blogger Sam Socorro from Steam Shower Store. Sam has been writing articles for over 10 years and is a commanding voice in the health and fitness community with her articles high in demand.

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What is a perfect body?

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Cheeky Affirmations…

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect shape for a body. Just for instance, many women have gone from asking if our bums are too big to asking for butt implants to make them look bigger!

When I think of my body as perfect, I’m not thinking about its outward shape, but I’m thinking with gratitude about how perfectly it functions.

To me, a perfect body is one that functions perfectly! I haven’t a single health complaint so I can gratefully and cheekily affirm “I have a perfect body!” Or, prayerfully: “Thank you for my perfect body”.

I like to sneak in affirmations like this to myself because I do think they can make a difference in my beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and even outcomes.

In Joy,


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A trick for fully enjoying your food

Tip for eating less…

I can’t believe it when I have some really yummy food and then put something else of a totally different flavor that’s also really yummy in my mouth. Why would I do that???

Isn’t part of enjoying ones food enjoying the aftertaste for as long as it lasts? Wouldn’t that be getting the full value out of the flavor?

That got me thinking that to fully enjoy ones food one should fully and consciously relish every part of the process, starting with the initial craving and/or planning, and including the joys of…

• Craving, expectation, looking forward
• Shopping
• Preparing
• Plating
• Eating / enjoying
• Savoring aftertaste
• Enjoying the feeling in your tummy / body
• Noticing what the meal does for your health, beauty, and energy

For more tips on conscious and healthy eating join the 21 Day Raw Cleanse that starts this Monday! Find out how!

In Joy,

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A peek into my Raw Programs’ exclusive blogs…


Gripping new stories from the front lines of raw!

I would say “I don’t like to toot my own horn”, but that wouldn’t be true! I love to toot my own horn, but I don’t have to because so many people are tooting it for me at

– However, I’ve just added the latest testimonials to the Results Page at the link above! And this time, I’ve also included some of the struggles various people have had on the Programs and which they posted in the blog area of the exclusive community that you get access to on the programs.

I did this hoping to show that you don’t have to be perfect all the time to get results….Also, this shows you how honest people are on the programs’ forums! It will also inspire you to use the inner work module of the programs to get through the challenges that you may face when changing your diet and lifestyle!

It’s gratifying to know that by providing the highest quality raw food diet program that I could put together, with a really thoughtful menu plan based on years of experience and testing on my own family, including suggested daily workouts and demo videos, optimizing the support, motivation, and inspiration aspects of the program, focusing on really helpful inner work exercises daily, that my intention to make going raw safe and easy has not only exceeded my wildest expectations but has resulted in astounding results in terms of health, weight release, rejuvenation, healing, wellbeing, joy, increased energy, long-lasting lifestyle changes, and sheer feeling better!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your journeys, and your results with me in the program forums and via email. To protect your privacy, I’ve changed your names if any personal information was provided in your testimonials and posts.

Please enjoy this compilation of some really deep sharing of the real experience of going raw for the first time, straight from my Program Participants!

Click here to read now:

It is such an honor to share this journey with you!

In Joy,

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5 Health Tips for Working Women in 2017


Image courtesy of Pixomar at

Whether you are working at home or in the office, here are some health trends that you can incorporate to improve your health in 2017!

1.) Athleisure

Wear yoga pants that look like slacks to the office! Check out all of the awesome styles their pants are available in! You’ll never have an excuse to skip your afternoon workout break when you have pants both professional and comfortable! (get that asana done on your coffee break!)

2.) Sit-To-Stand

Offices all over are providing standing desks in the workplace! Take a look at this article from Herman Miller discussing the benefits of Sit-to-Stand! Being able to switch from sitting to standing can do wonders for your body!

3.) The 10 Minute Workout

A lot of people are developing programs based on the latest research showing shorter workouts are more effective for women over 40. I’ve bought a few of these programs that were terribly disappointing in quality, but I absolutely love Erin’s 10-minute fat-blasting, body-sculpting workouts. I could see nice muscle tone in my legs and butt and a noticeably slimmer torso after the first week or two of doing these 10-minute daily routines!

4.) How to eat healthy

A 21 Day Raw Cleanse makes going raw for three weeks easy and highly effective for rejuvenation, safe weight loss, increased energy and wellbeing. This is a program you can do anywhere! Home, online, do this program at your own pace and lose weight!

5.) 10 office exercises you can do secretly

Exercise secretly! Take a look at the details of these 10 exercises you can do without having to leave your office!

  • Start-up Meeting Stretches
  • Copy Machine Calisthenics
  • Under Desk Dynamics
  • High Profile Aerobics
  • Office Chair Abdominals
  • Bottom Line Lifters
  • Water Bottle Workouts
  • Conference Table Toners
  • Innovative Isometrics
  • No-sweat Calorie Burners

Wishing you a healthy, happy new year!

In Joy!

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Raw Christmas Tradition!

giftbasketprograms14th Annual Raw Holiday Rumpus starts Monday!

The Raw Rumpus is the first ever raw Christmas tradition. A festive event for raw vegans and others who want to celebrate their plant-based diet! Join in with a supportive and fun community and revel together during the season as we bring the light inside!

Starts Monday! Sign up now, download your shopping list and start gathering your ingredients for this delicious and invigorating menu plan!

Find out more and register today at

The 21 Day Raw Cleanse originally scheduled to start this coming Monday has been postponed and will be starting on Monday January 2nd 2017! If you signed up for that session, I invite you to do the Raw Rumpus as a 2 week prep for the 21 Day Raw New Years Cleanse!

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at and do The Raw Christmas Rumpus, the 21 Day New Year Cleanse, and the 28 days Raw Program back to back for nine weeks of guided rawmenu plan programs including workouts and inner work exercises!

Email me with any questions at

In Joy,

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The Raw Dilemma

guacamoletayshaYes we know a 100% raw vegan diet can be a very healing diet and we know you can lose a lot of weight very fast on this diet. It is a fabulous lifestyle to prevent disease and to increase anti-aging and longevity.

But for many of us it just doesn’t work to do it long-term. Some people become deficient, crave other foods, start to look old, and experience various physical problems from B12 and mineral deficiencies to adrenal fatigue and hair and tooth loss to mental illness.

How can we enjoy the incredible benefits of a raw food diet without risking undesirable side effects?

Is the answer in eating superfoods, avoiding superfoods, eliminating certain foods, food groups or macronutrients, eating the right percentage of macronutrients, eating the right supplements, avoiding supplements, eating fresh whole foods, eating a balanced and varied raw diet, or is it something else?

Well I’m experimenting with a cooked / raw integration. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s getting better. If I can get it to work as well as a raw diet for myself I will let you know! If I can’t, I’ll be going back to the drawing board and attempting again to optimize a raw diet that can work for me in the long-term. Another thought I’ve had is to go back-and-forth between an optimized raw vegan diet and a healthy cooked diet to get the best of both worlds.

But for now, the best diet I know for rapid yet sustainable, healthy weight release and overall health and wellbeing is still the 100% fresh, raw, balanced diet outlined, detailed and demonstrated in The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Program.

Find out more at

In Joy!

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Weight Loss Hacks

Preserve the taste of the last yummy thing you ate!

taboulitayshaHere’s an awesome little trick for eating less that takes just a simple shift in perspective.

If you’re a person who loves food, this is particularly easy!

This falls into the realm of conscious eating. When you are conscious of the delicious flavors of your food, you can be conscious of the lovely aftertaste for quite a while after eating.

So if you are offered dessert or tempted to eat something shortly after eating, it is easy to choose instead to continue to enjoy the lingering flavor of the last food you ate.

You might say then “No thank you, I’m still savoring the taste of dinner in my mouth”.

Imagine if this cuts down on your snacking by 25%. Over the course of a year it might add up to being quite noticeable!

A few little lifestyle changes like this can actually make a big difference. For instance, you add in a house-cleaning day weekly and you never sit on public toilet seats.

Women who clean their own houses are 20 lbs lighter than others on average.

And by popping a chair-pose instead of sitting on public toilets you not only save time applying seat covers but you build your thigh muscles, one of the biggest and therefore most calorie-burning muscles in your body!

Have any weight-loss hacks to share? Post a reply below!

In Joy,


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What automatically happens on a Raw Food Diet

Artwork by Raven Talifero

Artwork by Raven Talifero

A nice thing about eating a raw vegan diet is that you don’t have to think about so many different rules of healthy eating. By doing the one thing (eating raw) you naturally follow pretty much every dietary rule out there! For instance…

You don’t eat packaged or processed food
You don’t eat gluten, soy, or MSG
You don’t eat animal products, red meat, dairy, eggs (or anything with cholesterol)
You don’t eat free radicals, trans fats, or denatured proteins
You don’t eat carcinogens
Your diet is anti-inflammatory
Your diet is high in anti-oxidants
Your diet is high in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, electrolytes, and fiber
Your food has a high water-content
Your food is nutrient dense
Your food is low-calorie
Your food is low-fat
Your food is free of refined sugars
Your food is fresh
Your food is healthy
You’re eating real food
You eat food that your body recognizes as food
You eat food that your Grandmother ate
You eat the rainbow
You are eating clean
It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle
You eat mostly fruits and vegetables
You eat healthy fats
You eat healthy proteins
You eat healthy carbs
You eat toxin-free
You don’t have to count calories
You can eat as much as you want!

Imagine all the ways this benefits a body!

Find out more….

In Joy!

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Self-Esteem Creates Symmetry

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-01-38-amI was thinking about how beautiful Oprah looked in a recent video.

Here is a woman who did not always feel beautiful and yet is becoming more beautiful as she ages.

I was trying to imagine what goes into that process.

And I think that maybe when you make decisions in your life that are balanced, you become a more balanced person and so your features come into a more balanced symmetry.

I think there are many other factors of character that show up on our faces over time. Certainly our default emotional state has some effect on the character lines in our face.

What are some things you can see in a persons face? Loving, caring, joy, pain, determination, hopelessness, resentment, sensuality, peace, worry, curiosity, openness, intelligence…

Certainly healthy living has a lot of bearing on the way that we look as we age.

And I think all of this helps to further validate the 3-prong idea that health is determined by how we eat, how active we are, and by our inner emotional life.

I am honored to run a series of raw diet programs that activate these three areas to generate tremendous momentum which makes leveling up ones health almost easy.

For details and the new schedule see

In Joy!

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I don’t know why this works…

rotategreensHonestly I don’t know why the raw vegan diet works so well for so many people!

I read a lot of alternative health news letters and some of them just make me cringe. We all talk about things we really don’t have the first clue about. And that seems so wrong because people are relying on you for their health.

And I can tell when a title is being alarmist for marketing purposes. And it just seems so unfair to grab your attention like that.

So I have been examining my own practices to see if I really feel okay about what I’m doing marketing these raw food programs.

I really like sharing my insights and my experiences rather than stating facts that I may have heard but don’t really have the scientific background to know whether they are true or not.

I love marketing my programs ( because they actually have helped so many people to release weight and feel better.

They have even helped people who had been raw for a while and were not thriving on the diet.

I’m not saying this raw diet is the best diet for everyone all the time. But I don’t feel like it could ever hurt to try this raw diet for three or four weeks and there are numerous benefits to doing so.

I do have some ideas about why the raw vegan diet works so well. I have some theories. They’re just my own crack-pot theories. But some things are common sense. And some things are proven science; the toxins that are formed in foods during cooking.

But is that why the raw diet works? There have not been many studies on this. I’d love to get a food science degree and go into research on this topic.

Although I don’t know why it works, I do believe that the raw vegan diet works phenomenally well for weight loss and improving health, having experienced tremendous benefits and healing myself and seeing a great many success stories in my work in the field over the last 23 years. (

By the way, there are 2 days left in the super-low Halloween Special on the 21 Day Raw Cleanse at

In Joy!

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Halloween Special! Extra-Low Rate on 21 Day Raw Cleanse!


I don’t mean to scare you but…. there is a super-low rate on the 21 Day Raw Cleanse right now to encourage you to do something really frightening and dare to go raw for 3 weeks starting on Halloween!

The Early Bird Halloween Special ends on Friday at midnight!. (Same with the early bird rate on the 2-Program Lifetime Membership)


What you can expect with this program…
– to go raw without detox symptoms
– easy-to-make recipes (average 7 minutes prep time)
– to feel fantastic even on the first day
– prompt email support to answer any questions
– daily schedule for workouts and journal exercises
– delicious and nutritious meals
– results! (see examples here!)

Find out more, see pics, and register for lowest cost ever at!

In Joy!

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Go Raw Tomorrow!

salads500Today is the last day to sign up for the Raw Menu Plan Program Starting Tomorrow!

Take the plunge!

I dare you! :)

You have nothing lose but excess weight, fatigue, and bad habits!


I have absolutely no doubt that you will not regret it!

See what previous participants have said about the program here:

- It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change!

In Joy!

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Loved Iyanla’s 10 rules for success

I love everything this woman has to say about how to be truly successful – and I believe she defines success as happiness. But number 6 on this list of her’s below was something I have been trying to tell my clients for ages. I’ve run into people who thrive on the raw diet and even heal on it, but who then give it up because someone else disagrees with it. It is nice to hear how passionately she advocates holding onto your own clarity in the face of other’s not understanding.

“Never judge your clarity based on somebody else’s response. I don’t need your agreement; I just need your support”.
– Iyanla Vanzant

Here are Iyanla’s rules for success…

1. nurture your vision

2. love what you do

3. stop whining

4. keep it simple

5. refuse to fail

6. hold to your clarity

7. be authentic

8. be mindful of your words

9. be good to you

10. be clear


In Joy!


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Raw Program’s Last Day of Early Bird Special…

bnacollageThe 28 Days Raw Transition Program is starting this coming Monday October 3rd!

This is the last program before the Holiday Season is upon us! It is also the last program that falls during harvest time, the peak season for fresh produce in many areas! So, I highly recommend joining in now at this ideal time if you’ve been thinking about trying the programs.



The 2-Program Lifetime Membership special is already an incredible deal on ongoing raw support, but today you can get it at the even lower Early Bird Rate!

Click here to find out more and join in the fun!

In Joy!

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Healthy Living with Raw Food


I love how our culture has become truly interested in Healthy Living! People are working out more, reading labels, and more and more people are aware that eating whole foods is one of the important keys to staying healthier longer and preventing disease.

We also know the importance of drinking water, getting the right amount of sleep, having social connections and a warm primary relationship and attending to our inner life in positive ways. We know the importance of reducing and/or managing stress.

In balance, a raw food diet can be a wonderful addition to or even the base of a healthy lifestyle. Yes, we see a lot of instances where people become too restrictive or obsessive and it can be off-balance. That’s why my Programs focus on a balanced raw lifestyle, with sufficient variety and richness in the menu plan along with recipes that help ensure the absorption of many of the most essential nutrients.

I’ve realized through my 15 years in this work that any one diet is not right for all people at all times. I’ve many times helped my program participants to adapt the program to their unique needs, and encourage it when people want to make various adaptations and substitutions of their own.

Some people use the programs for the exercise and support in the main and only loosely follow the menu plan or substitute with their own mode of raw eating.

My thinking is that even if it turns out that a 100% raw diet, even a balanced one, is not right for someone, they will still have benefitted from the experience of going raw for a few weeks or more!

You really get to know your body, your relationship to food, and the power of raw foods for energizing, beautifying and healing.  And you get to learn a variety of inner work exercises for emotional balancing and personal growth. Aside from that, the social connections, especially with a Program Pal are often invaluable according to previous participants.

We know healthy living is about balance. Don’t be afraid to explore new modalities in your journey into exploring a healthier lifestyle. As my Grandfather told me “Moderation in all things, including moderation!”

In Joy!

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Thanks for Sharing Why You Went Raw….

bnacollageWow! 42 of you completed the online survey “Why I went Raw”! And almost as many people responded via email.

The survey results show that the most common reasons people go raw or are interested in going raw are:

1. To get healthy, eat healthier, or for overall health.

2. To lose weight, eat more naturally, and eat clean.

3. To have more energy, for longevity, and fitness

4. Concern for animal rights, improve brain function, and prevent disease

Some of the emails I received from people also listed…

  • to get skinny
  • to lose weight |||
  • get healthy ||
  • eat more naturally
  • heal from pneumonia
  • to heal from an illness ||
  • to heal from hep c
  • to heal from diabetes
  • to stop eating so many carbs
  • Gospel of Peace
  • Believe it’s the best for my body inside and out
  • detox my organs
  • improve immune system
  • improve digestive system
  • prevention of disease
  • to stop craving sweets
  • integrity (no more fake foods)
  • enzymes
  • live to be 120 for my grandkids
  • kindness to animals
  • to avoid surgery (fibroid)

It was very interesting to look at the survey results. Many people selected multiple (sometimes 10 or more!) reasons for going / being raw. They spent an average of 2 minutes on the survey page.

Several people also included an “Other” reason or only specified an “Other” reason.

Some of these “Other” responses that people wrote under “Please specify” on the survey were:

  • Wife died and I stopped going out to eat
  • To glow from the inside out
  • To be the best me
  • Heal fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  • Heal migraine
  • Get off Big Pharma medications
  • high blood sugar, tooth problems, chest pains
  • As part of natural regimen to stabilize symptoms of bipolar disorder
  • Eating raw to stay cooler in the summer
  • Fatigue
  • Prostate health
  • Took a workshop
  • Adventurous
  • Fun!
  • Prevent disease
  • I haven’t been to the doctor in 30 years so it’s my Health insurance!
  • I have life-threatening conditions.
  • I enjoy Biblical food suggestions.

Almost all the reasons listed were selected by at least someone. Out of the 55 reasons listed on the survey, the only ones that were not selected at all were:

  • heal cancer
  • control MS
  • heal crohns / colitis
  • control crohns / colitis
  • was brought up raw

Healing heart disease and diabetes were also very low (1 and 2 people respectively).

I am surprised that healing serious illnesses was not a more common reason for going raw when there are so many stories from people who healed themselves out there.

If you’d like to look at the Survey Results yourself, here’s the link:

If you’d like to take the Survey click here:

If you’d like to find out why people love going raw with my go-raw programs, visit: and join in the next session starting Monday October 3rd!

In Joy!


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This Hidden Ingredient Causes Obesity!

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-12-08-51-pmDid you know that eating foods with MSG can cause you to gain a ton of weight without even overeating?

It’s true! In fact, when scientists need to experiment on obese mice, they give mice MSG to make them bigger quickly.*

But MSG is hidden in processed and packaged foods under all kinds of tricky names. Of course you can avoid processed foods altogether with a raw vegan diet.

Otherwise, here is a list of the most common names that MSG hides behind:

Glutamic Acid


Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

Hydrolyzed (any vegetable) Protein

Anything Hydrolyzed

Calcium Caseinate

Textured Protein

Soy Protein

Whey Protein

Natural Flavoring

Natural Flavors

If you’d like to try an MSG-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, inflammation-free diet join in on the 21 Day Raw Cleanse starting Monday! Find out more at

In Joy!


* (Source: National Institute of Health)

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