Keeping The Seal on Your Raw Diet


Some people believe they don’t have the will-power to stick to the raw diet.

Here’s a helpful exercise we teach in our 28 Days Raw Program….

“Keeping the Seal on your Diet – When you start out your day, think of your diet plan as having a seal on it. Your menu plan is sealed shut with a lovely shiny blue seal with your name on it, like a medal. When you eat something that is not in your plan, it is like breaking the seal. It is so much easier to get through the day and do great if the seal is not broken. Once it is broken, pretty much anything can get in. if you play this game, you’ll see it works!

You could play it in a physical way, by writing down the menu plan for today on a piece of paper, putting it in an envelope, and
sealing it. If you eat anything that is not written down on that
piece of paper, you have to open the envelope and write down what it was you ate. Each time, seal the envelope up again with tape. All that work might make you think twice before snacking.

The longer the seal stays on, either physically or metaphorically,
the more proud you feel of that seal. And this itself generates a
momentum that makes it ever more easy to stay on track!”


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In Joy!

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