How Storm Stays 100% Raw


I don’t have any other recent pictures of Storm — he has been busy off and adventuring lately — so this is not a great picture…taken in a dark room, I had to lighten it. But here he is at just about 64 yrs old.

(Update: Scroll down for new pictures)

I’ve received some really nice reactions to my blog post “Rawest of them All” which was my response to the “Raw is Dead” article that is circulating around. But I did have one woman say she could really use a 100% raw example as she is so close to all raw and is looking to see someone it works really well for.

And so I should mention that Storm is and always I believe will be 100% raw. As he eats honey he isn’t truly vegan though. But maybe that’s why raw works so well for him long term where so many others have fallen by the wayside; because B12 is found in honey.

The raw diet works well for Storm in every way except financially. He finds it easy to do, more than easy – in fact totally enjoyable – almost decadent! He has the time-saving factor down – shopping routes and recipe prep routine.


Another not so great picture…but you can see he looks nowhere near 63 and is in good shape.

And he is a model of anti-aging. At almost 64 (in January) he has not a single health complaint, no aches and pains, runs without pain, swims in the ocean, fences, and rides his bicycle miles a day.

His favorite expression lately is “Do we stop moving because we get old or do we get old because we stop moving?”.

He doesn’t seem to need much sleep at all.

Our financial life is a problem area though, due to the expense of eating a raw diet high in protein in the form of a lb. of cashew or almonds per person per day, mostly in nut-milks, dressings, patées, meats, sauces, cheeses, etc.. You might also say The Garden Diet could be called an Elitist diet for this reason.

It also occurs to me that this might be another reason the low fat raw diets like 80/10/10 are so popular even though they don’t seem to be working so well in the long-term either in terms of health or numbers of people who stick with them; they are more do-able financially.

But for a person of means who doesn’t mind being a bit of social recluse or oddity, the Balanced 100% raw diet really could be incredibly healthy long-term, with almost miraculous results.

Storm Talifero 63 year old raw vegetarian

Storm Talifero 63 year old raw vegetarian getting ready for morning swim in the ocean…

As for making it more affordable and socially doable I’m working on these aspects right now and will have more ideas for you in the near future.

If you want to know how Storm does the 100% raw diet long-term and thrives – you can get his actual menu plans, workout tips and secrets on any of our programs…

21 Day Raw Cleanse
28 Day Intro to Raw
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The Vital Force Diet System


Zoom in to see he’s not wearing a wet suit. (I thought he was at first because he looks so big in this pic)

In Joy!

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11 Responses to How Storm Stays 100% Raw

  1. Great!
    I like my honey too. Does that mean that if one takes honey, then they do not need B12 suppliments?


  2. Jake,
    I have been fully raw for 4 months and was cooked vegan for 15 years and 8 months prior to becoming raw. Am having a hard time getting enough calories throughout the day so as to sustain my energy. Please tell me how do you make your sunflower seed pattees? I truly believe that this would make all of the difference. One or two recipes would do me just fine. I can go from there. Do you have any that you make without the dehydrator. I prefer NOT dehydrating the patte. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  3. Alexandra says:

    You are rigth Jake, sunflower seeds can work well and some raw people are using them this way.
    I have big respect for Storm and his family.

  4. jake says:

    I have had great success with the Garden Diet using mostly sunflower seeds as the base for pates, tacos, burgers, milks, etc. Raw sunflower seeds are comparatively much less expensive than raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, etc. I buy them organic for anywhere from 1.99-2.99 a pound, about the same price as organic brown rice or organic lentils. 2 cups of raw soaked sunflower seeds will give you more than enough calories and protein to thrive on the raw food diet, eating raw pates, seed milk, etc. Throw in some greens and fruits, and the diet is not very expensive at all.

  5. Andria says:

    Storm is a hunk!!

  6. Marina says:

    I agree… with GT above. We live in Australia and have only started to eat like this recently. But we have found that every week our shopping bills have either lowered or stayed the same. Definitely, we are NOT spending more on food. It’s all about where your priorities are… junk food and meat are expensive. Hmmm… we are not buying organic tho… that would push up the price a LOT. Again… priorities. I guess the lack of hospital and medicine fees make up for the extra money paid for good wholesome healthy food.
    We will never be 100% raw… but 70-80% is still well worth every cent :) xX

  7. NAgelo says:

    Great job Dude!!

  8. Ed Meyers says:

    I am provoked to respond to your questions of veganism, raw, and financial elitism.

    I went raw after 15 years of veganism (and decades of vegetarianism) for a period of only 8 months. I excluded teas, juices, coffee, or anything prepared in anyway; however I still used a spoon to eat avocados, peeled the bananas, and sliced up the salads, etc. I even relied primarily on the vegetation for hydration. Primates in the wild seldom if ever drink water; hence their PH balance is naturally sustained-no water machines (so far). Also they eat the seeds of whatever they find. This is a small but hugely significant element of consideration.

    In the place and time of the brief era of my rawness, it seemed there was an enthusiastic rush by an unusual number of persons towards the raw philosophy. It seemed that all noticed similar qualities in their experiences. First of all, the amount of vegetation consumed was far less than anyone expected. I would like to repeat and underscore that point because it is least subjective. Additionally, everyone seemed to experience far reduced sleeping requirements, a sense of undistracted focus, higher energy, and greater awareness of REM states (I conjectured this to be related to sounder sleeping experience).

    Of course I did not rule out enthusiasm as a possible source for some of these claims; yet the similarities of unexpected phenomena seemed evident and validating (‘seemed’ I admit still being a key word).

    O.K. so why did I fall off the wagon, or out of the tree or whatever one likes to call it? Well, one cold rainy night, I ran into the smell of some pop-corn and indulged (it was prepared vegan). And I guess in my remorse I became self-destructive and bought some white basmati rice and broccoli. Then, I admitted to myself that these cooked items, despite the defiance to the natural order of the universe, provided a greater dopamine high than the thought of being liberated from the life of the other materially incarcerated 7 billion homo sapiens inhabiting this planet (at least at that time).

    Now, after listening to Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a neurologist at Stanford (I think I’m accurate on his identity-at least right enough) and reading an article published in American Scientific regarding the overriding success of raw veganism to non-nutritionally required carnivorous behavior in chimpanzees-which it is entirely, I’m on my way back to raw veganism rather than just plain Jane Veganism. I’d like to add that I’m obsessed with paleontology, physical anthropology, etc. Incidentally Sapolsky reveals that we are indeed not 98% similar to chimps, but rather 98.9%. And of the 1.1% or .011 differences in genetic differentiation, none of them have anything to do with the dietary apparatus of the anatomy of homo sapiens, (not to be confused with the misnomer of human beings).

    But why did I experience any failure at all? Was it psychological, impure food sources or what? Well you tell me, but I think that the most important non-discussed element in these types of conversations is Physiological Adaptation. Like all other addictions it simply takes time for the body to produce the necessary enzymes required for raw veganism. In this case I refer to it (raw veganism) as normalization. Everything else is a divergence.

    I started vegetarianism in approximately 1970. I’m now going on 65. I thank god (oops! ‘G’od) I found this path almost instinctively. Back in the good old days I was trying to find uncontaminated sources of good old field grass (the most prevalent vegetative growth on the planet) as a sustenance. Is this enough of a freedom fanaticism for you? Sounds a little overboard, but there are baboons who live on nothing but field grass. They are cliff dwellers. Millions upon millions of years have proven that raw veganism among primates has been the overwhelming winning evolutionary practice for primates, even with the occasional testing of carnivorous divergence (there to keep the vegan idea on its toes. Vegans keep winning 97 to 3 in every game.

    Unless you are not a primate but rather a predatorily designed anatomy of some sorts the only thing you have to do is get un-addicted to other sources of nutrition. Its not just a matter of passion, in fact its maybe purely physiological. Oh and its also very inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of poor health and the impact upon the environment that sustains you.

  9. Laura says:

    I’d bet that if we combine the medical budget with the food budget, the raw eater would spend far less.

  10. GT says:

    Sumtimes when I’m bemoaning the cost of all those bulk raw nuts n things, I think about how much other people spend per day on the ‘daily slab of meat’, & how most Americans actually eat meat, SEVERAL times a day. Then I think about how long that $20 bag of raw almonds is going 2 last me, & how many different things I will make from them… Altho their main purpose is 4 almond milk, I will also end up making raw cheeses, nut fillings 4 various main courses, nut flours 4 raw breads, & probly sum nut butter too, as well as just eating them out of hand! Will probly share sum with extended family too!. So when I think about it like that, I realize I’m still spending far LESS on food than the average American ‘meat & potato’ eater, who wud likely spend a similar amount on 1 or 2 days worth of MEAT, alone! It does get irritating tho, sumtimes, when I’m in a store bagging up those bulk nuts, & sum shopper passing by raises their eyebrows @ me judgmentally, as if 2 say ‘How dare u be so EXTRAVAGANT!’. They just arent USED 2 seeing people buying so much of certain foods that an ‘average eater’ probly thinks of as ‘luxury items’. Sum1 used 2 subsisting on processed packaged foods, canned goods, meat & potatoes, & a few fresh fruits & veggies, probably only buys things like almonds, or other nuts, as a ‘special treat’ 4 holidays or special company. But I’m VERY SURE if our monthly food budgets were compared, I still spend far far less on food, than most other people. They dont understand how those ‘luxury nuts’ r going 2 become the basis of MANY meals, & will likely feed me 4 an entire month! I think theres sumthing really DANGEROUS about regarding ANY FOOD as a LUXURY ITEM. Many seem 2 also think that buying & consuming what is actually FAR LESS than the FDA recommended daily amounts of fresh fruits & veggies, is still sumhow ‘living in excess’! Do people not have THE RIGHT 2 EAT HEALTHY, & 2 B HEALTHY, in this country?? 2 think that only sum people have a ‘right’ 2 certain foods, while others shud have 2 go without, because of their economic status or whatever else, is sum TRULY ELITIST THINKING! WHO DECIDES 1 type of food is ‘more valuable’ than another, anyway?? @ sum point, Ive realized I just have 2 accept that there r sum people out there who’d rather I DIDNT EAT AT ALL, & I just have 2 stand up 4 my right 2 EAT, EXIST, & B HEALTHY, no matter who doesnt APPROVE! Im not inclined 2 ‘feel guilty’ about my eating habits, when I have cut nearly all MEAT out of my diet, hardly eat ANY ‘junk food’ compared 2 most other Americans, & typically only eat 1 meal a day! Yet people who r typically 50#s or more overweight, & probly eat $10-20 worth of meat, (or more) every day, (among other things) compared 2 my $20 a month on almonds, r going 2 raise their eyebrows @ MY shopping habits, & claim I’M the 1 being ‘extravagant’??

  11. Flora says:

    Such an important thing to say.
    Go Jinjee!
    You are such a light in this world.
    New Orleans
    ps. would love to hear you speak/write about menstruation and the raw food diet.

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