Help make Peace go Viral!

Vote for Peace

The Peace Poll –

Have you heard of Peace Poll yet?

Peace Poll is documenting if people in the world want peace.

If this is the case, they want to permeate world consciousness with this idea, just as the Occupy Movement made the disparity of the 99% vs. 1% a global topic.

The Peace Poll will push for governments, organizations and corporations everywhere to respect the will of the people.

Would you be willing to take 5 seconds to Vote for Peace? And 5 seconds
to share Peace Poll on your Facebook page or Tweet it — by just clicking a
button? If so, I think you can make an important difference in the
fate of our planet!

More and more we are seeing active interest and motion toward peace.
Even the Taliban have been talking about starting peace talks this
week. Peace Poll wants us to use all the wonderful social media opportunities
available now to permeate world consciousness with the strong, active
desire of the majority of the world’s people for peace.

The Peace Poll asks two simple questions about peace. Please
VOTE and tell everyone you know to VOTE. Help us make the Peace Poll
go viral.

Can you imagine if we get a billion votes for peace? Do you think that
would make a difference? We do! Let your voice for peace be heard!!!

Click here now….

It might seem like a small and simple thing to do, but the peace poll
founders, some genius friends of mine, believe that if the powers that
be were aware that most of the people in the world are so interested
in peace that they would be willing to vote for it, then more of them
will make peace a part of their political agenda!

Together, even doing something as simple as clicking a button, we are
incredibly powerful!

Let’s use social media for what it has its greatest potential use for
— to join our voices together and change the world for the better!

Make a stand for peace today!

Please be sure to not only vote (which takes 5 seconds, really!) but
to also click one of the social network buttons provided to share this
on your Twitter or Facebook page! This takes about 1 second really and
helps to flow out this call for peace throughout the whole planet,
one by one and two by two, multiplying exponentially!

We all know the power of 2 squared is infinite!

Lend your word-of-mouse click to this effort and I will keep you
posted on how many people end up voting for peace! Just watch!

I’m excited to be creating peace with you today!

Once again, please click here now to vote for peace and spread the word:

In Joy!

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One Response to Help make Peace go Viral!

  1. Wow Jinjee,

    The votes are flooding in! Thanks so much for letting people know about this.

    Peace and Love,

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