Health is Natural

The Garden DietHealth is the natural way to be. We’ve just come so far away from the natural that now healthy people seem supernatural. But eating and moving the way nature intended we can stay healthy indefinitely. We can even die healthy, of natural causes, gradually getting more tired and weaker but still in health. It’s hard to imagine. We’re just so used to people dying of sicknesses that we don’t have any model of a natural death.

If you look at nature, it’s natural to heal. Lakes and oceans heal from pollution. Even when there are an overwhelming amount of toxins, the healing processes are still always working, ongoing, and that’s natural. If you look at the order in nature; how day follows night, how there is rhythm and balance in everything, the seasons revolving in order, each one contributing to the cycle of growth and of life.

Look at the elements and how they work together in harmony to produce food and nourishment for the creatures that are made out of the same substances as the earth is. It is an incredible design concept and design feat on an engineering level, on a design level, on a computer programming level if you look at all the data in the universe in binary terms. Everything is either a yes or a no, an on or an off; protons and electrons representing the on and off, the 1 and the 0 of binary code, the yin and the yang.

You have all this beauty in nature. Even death is natural and beautiful and not something to be feared or fought. So, in eating raw some think we are fighting death, we are trying to be un-natural. Are we being unnatural eating raw food? Are we fighting nature? No! There’s no cooked food in nature, except from fire or lighting strike.

Even forest fires have purposes – to pop open those seed pods that only pop with heat. So maybe humans were meant to discover fire, even cooked foods. But my little raw children don’t like the smell of cooked foods! They think it smells like farts.

I think we’re getting back in step with nature when we eat raw foods. We are eating foods in their natural state, not changing their molecular structure with heat. So when we get in step with nature we become part of that self-healing planet, that self-healing nature of the plants, the animals, the elements, the natural world. We become in tune and in harmony with that

And now our body becomes self-healing, self-regenerating, and natural! It’s natural to be healthy! And if we can get out of the way enough and simply go with the flow of life enough, then we can experience a natural level of health.

In Joy!

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2 Responses to Health is Natural

  1. Anne says:

    This is an outstanding and inspiring post, it brought tears to my eyes. All so true.
    God Bless.

  2. Brenon Duff says:

    I so loved reading your blog. Not only did raw food save my life 10 years ago, it helped me think more clearly than ever in my adult life. I began to see all sorts of connections. Nature has an incredible amount it wants to teach us on all levels.

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