eBook Giveaway – How to Resist Temptation

natchsaladI’m dusting my no-cost eBooklet “How to Stick to Any Diet” off the shelf and launching a new giveaway.

There is new evidence that shows that we only have a limited allotment of willpower per day. So they recommend doing the things that require willpower early in the day, especially the things that are most important to you.

This eBook shares a method I figured out for myself called “Resisting the first temptation of the day”. I found that if I could get over that first hurdle and just say no to that first unhealthy, yummy temptation that I would be bolstered with a momentum powered by self-esteem that made it much more easy to get through the rest of the day without eating anything I shouldn’t.

The eBook goes into detail about how to do it.

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In Joy!

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