Diet and Spirituality

photo by Bob Davidson

photo by Bob Davidson

If you think you can compensate for a spiritual deficiency by eating a healthy diet, you are wrong.

It is my belief that some people who adhere fanatically to a highly restrictive diet may be doing so in order to compensate for a moral deficiency.

Since they can not control their morality, they compensate by controlling their diet and/or exercise regime in order to feel like a truly good person. They rate people’s morality and/or intelligence on how healthy (by their guidelines) they eat, and sometimes by how raw they are.

If you think you may be at risk, ask yourself: Do you feel like a bad person? Do you feel like you can prove to yourself that you are a good person by eating 100% raw? Do you feel like a good person when you eat 100% raw? Do you feel like a bad person when you don’t eat 100% raw? Are you failing overall at achieving your health goals?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions you may be better off addressing your moral and spiritual nature first, and then your health will be more easily attainable or you will find it just falling in to place effortlessly.

All this is not to say that eating healthy can’t improve your mental and spiritual life. Being chemically balanced and free of addictions can allow us a higher level of creative use of our minds.

But we still have to do the spiritual work. Eating raw isn’t going to automatically make us better people. That is like looking for a short-cut through raw foods to spiritual growth. A similar short-cut people often seek is to release weight through raw foods without exercising. You can release the weight, but you won’t have the health and fitness without exercise.

In our programs we bravely tackle the inner work alongside the dietary changes and exercise routines. It is a trinity approach to a well-rounded, balanced and healthy life.

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In Joy!

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