Daily Raw Inspiration – Setting Doable Goals for Change

If you desire to lose weight or get healthier, it is important to honor what you say you are going to do. Many of us have backed out of what we said we were going to do so many times that we pretty much don’t believe we are at all capable of keeping our word to ourselves. Fortunately it is just as easy to build our self-esteem back up through just keeping some promises to ourselves in this department. Set a small goal today, such as eating only at meal-times, or not eating after 6:00 PM. Or if it is easier, tell yourself that you are not going to eat for the next hour, and then feel proud of yourself at the end of that hour. Continue to set do-able goals and you’ll gain the confidence in yourself and the habit of honoring your word, so that you will attain more of your goals and your goals will grow along with your character!

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In Joy!

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One Response to Daily Raw Inspiration – Setting Doable Goals for Change

  1. Lynn DeBuhr Johnson says:

    I agree! This reminds me of something you shared with us some time ago through your Daily Raw Inspiration. You said that while it is important to look at each moment to understand why we might make a certain choice, it is even more important to make that conscious choice first in your heart so that when you come to that moment, it will be easier to go down the road you chose some time ago.

    Wise woman!

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