Daily Raw Inspiration – 2 Important Questions to Ask

Kris Carr

Of course I’d heard of Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet (the book) and Crazy, Sexy, Cancer (the movie) — but I stumbled on her website today and I’m really amazed at what this lovely cancer survivor is doing for raw and vegan diet awareness!!

This was posted on her site today:

By Frank Lipman, MD on August 11, 2011
Making a Diagnosis is Less Important Than Asking These 2 Questions

After 30 years of practicing medicine, I have learned that for any chronic illness or ailment, treating underlying imbalances and dysfunctions is more important than making a diagnosis and naming the disease. Ultimately, asking the right questions is more important than giving a label to a set of observations.

This is because most if not all chronic problems, from heart disease to arthritis, migraines to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression to fatigue, usually have multiple factors that need to be addressed – this is called the total load. The total load is the sum of the factors that influence a person’s life and health, including diet, exercise, job stress, relationships, state of mind etc. Individually, each of these elements might not cause a problem, but their cumulative effect can overload our normal functioning and cause harm. Everyone’s tipping point is different and each of us manifests or experiences overload in our own unique way.

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In Joy!
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