Collecting a Joy Point

EBT RawBefore EBT (Emotional Brain Training, not to be confused with EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) I would have run out to get chocolate in this situation…

This time when the thoughts came to me, as I’m trying to get a little late-evening work in on the computer in the midst of the kids because I don’t really have a good work-space here in the evenings…

“I sure wouldn’t mind some nice dark chocolate”. It was more an image of a certain thin, dark chocoate bar from Godiva I think it is or Girardelli, that popped in to my head and started a craving in my veins. Literally in my veins. I feel it there. In my arms, my neck, my lungs, my legs, my tongue….”I really should go out and work…..I can’t work in this environment……Go out…..get the chocolate….go to Starbucks….”

I actually got up and got my bags ready. Then….

“I’m a bit tired….I could work upstairs…..I don’t really feel like chocolate…..”

Noticing the bigger part of me that does not really want my addictions is a new feeling I’ve been having more frequently lately….bolstered tonight in part by the dinner of raw burgers I am still full from…..but mostly because my needs for chocolate, alone time, space, relaxation, power, control, comfort, and soothing are being teased apart and are becoming more recognizable for what they really are to my conscious mind through doing the EBT work.

And here I am, upstairs! A wire has been re-wired. Or shall I say, it is in the process of being re-wired.

Collecting a Joy point!!!

— For more about EBT see or email me for a free consultation with my amazing raw vegan EBT Coach, Barbara Gabriel.

In Joy,

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