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Honor Your Experience, One Week to Raw Detox

It has always puzzled me when people choose to follow a diet that works for someone else when it doesn’t work for themselves. And vice versa, they will give up a diet that works really well for them based on … Continue reading

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Journey Through Moodiness to Self-Love and Confidence

Sometimes I’m in a bad mood. I allow myself these. I think it’s good to be in a bad mood sometimes. Right now my bad mood allowed me to close the door on everyone and just take some time alone … Continue reading

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I Can Accept Myself As I Am

I’m still on the wagon and loving it! I’m looking forward to sharing some of the steps to how I think this happened! Here is one of them…. This was one of the EBT (Emotional Brain Training) Cycles that I … Continue reading

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The Joy Foods Diet

* Do you need more support in sticking to your ideal diet, high-raw diet or 100% raw diet? * Is emotional detox making it difficult to transition to a cleaner diet? * Are you suffering from food addictions, emotional eating, … Continue reading

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Emotional Brain Training TeleGroup with Barbara Gabriel, MFT

An 8 Month Program – 1.5 hour Teleclass every Wednesday at 4:00 PM – Beginning Wednesday October 3rd. How The Emotional Brain Training Teleclass Group works… 1. Email me if interested, and I will email you a sign-up link if there … Continue reading

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Nice Self-Forgiveness Tip

“I’ve learned a little trick from a good friend. When she slips up and eats unhealthy food, she tilts her head to the side to kiss her shoulder. This little affirmation shows that we can make mistakes, but still love … Continue reading

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How To Stick to Any Diet!

Empower Yourself The secret to sticking with a diet is to empower yourself. And how do you empower yourself? Well when you are committed to a certain diet plan, whether it is 100% vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan, or whether … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Cultivating Passion, Knowing What You Love

We have to want something in order to be happy. Do you know what you love, what you enjoy, what brings you happiness? Or are you just working to survive? To give yourself love, you must become acquainted with your … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Send Yourself Some Love

Spend a few moments a day thinking loving thoughts about yourself. Especially if you are giving yourself a hard time, feeling bad about your eating habits for instance, this can really help turn things around. Think about your accomplishments small … Continue reading

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