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Raw Pregnancy Q and A

Email from a participant in our 28 days raw Program…. Hello Jinjee, I am pregnant with my third baby. I thought I was going to do great and have a raw pregnancy, but it’s been soooo different and I have … Continue reading

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9 Months On – 10 Days Off….Raw Pregnancy, Quick Recovery

These photos were taken when I was 7 months pregnant with Adagio (Dag) and 10 days after he was born. There are more photos from these 2 shoots below. With my five children I have experienced 3 raw vegan pregnancies … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Craving Sweets, Preparing for Pregnancy

Question of the Week Re. Sweet Cravings, Pregnancy… Hi Jinjee, I am craving sweets like crazy and yesterday i ate an entire box of dates, stuffed with walnuts…When I try to eliminate sugars, I start craving them even more and … Continue reading

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What Is The Garden Diet?

There are a huge number of different variations on the raw vegan diet theme! On what I call the Social Raw scene you’ve got the Raw Restaurant foods (which often include some cooked condiments), the dehydrated Raw Packaged foods, the … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life!

The photos below were taken during a hike last week in Ojai California, at 8 months pregnant. I am 40 years old and pregnant with my fifth child. We birthed all of our children unnassisted at home. This is my … Continue reading

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