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Daydreaming Hacks

No, not hacks to stop daydreaming; hacks to get you daydreaming! See, daydreaming is a good thing. It’s an instant relaxation vacation. it’s visualizing. It’s creating possibilities. It’s increasing your appreciation for potential possibilities, for life. It also improves your … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Beauty Practice

Like many of you, I’ve had a gratitude practice for years. I am aware that being grateful is a key to happiness. And that the more you are grateful the more you notice all the things to be grateful for. … Continue reading

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End of Addiction

I am amazed. I was feeling so addicted. And now I am so completely not. What happened???? Here’s what I think…. 1. Prayer 2. Lucky tooth-ache and cold 3. Exercise 4. Raw Foods 5. Green Juice 6. EBT (Emotional Brain … Continue reading

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The Joy Foods Diet

* Do you need more support in sticking to your ideal diet, high-raw diet or 100% raw diet? * Is emotional detox making it difficult to transition to a cleaner diet? * Are you suffering from food addictions, emotional eating, … Continue reading

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Don't Stress, We're All One!

Its going to be OK! We are all so stressed out by modern life – so much to do constantly, the constant flow of bills and expenses, and the running to keep up with it all. I just realized the … Continue reading

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Emotional Brain Training TeleGroup with Barbara Gabriel, MFT

An 8 Month Program – 1.5 hour Teleclass every Wednesday at 4:00 PM – Beginning Wednesday October 3rd. How The Emotional Brain Training Teleclass Group works… 1. Email me if interested, and I will email you a sign-up link if there … Continue reading

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Learning Self-Care

Working with EBT (Emotional Brain Training) I’m now learning what has often stopped my self-care. I was unconsciously feeling guilty because I expected more of myself than I was capable of. Once I acknowledged my guilt to myself and saw … Continue reading

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Shift Happens!

I’ve been working with EBT (Emotional Brain Training) Practitioner Barbara Gabriel who came down to our retreat last month. When I first saw her I instantly loved her energy, but had no idea that she would be such an angel … Continue reading

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Grown-up Freedoms – mp3 RawRadio JINJ

Are you in the habit of buying yourself little treats at every stop along the way? Do you wonder why you’re doing this? Do you wish you could stop? Here’s an angle you may not have considered… You’ve been un-cooking, … Continue reading

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My Little Menu Plan

  Sometimes when I’m feeling food insecurity or stress, it helps me greatly to have a plan for what I’m going to eat over the next few days. Here’s one I made the other day…. SATURDAY BREAKFAST – OJ or … Continue reading

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When Our Food Addictions Hurt Others

I took this Blog post from our 28 Days Raw online community. I like the direction of this woman’s thoughts, questioning how our compulsive eating hurts our family. I also think this blog post represents a somewhat common experience on … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Being Fully Present

Bringing All of Us to our Work! Are you only partially here right now? I am only partially here because part of me doesn’t want to sit at the computer, prefers not to work, would rather be doing other work, … Continue reading

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