Raw Cashew Milk Recipe

Raw Cashew MilkHow to Get Enough Calories on a Raw Food Diet…

We can easily lose a ton of weight on a raw food diet, and that’s lovely for those of us who need to watch our weight.

But what about those people, big athletic guys or nursing moms just for instance, who want to be raw but find they are not getting enough calories to feel energetic enough for their active lives.

Here is one great tip:

Nut milks: These are super-natural raw protein shakes!

Here is one of Storm’s favorites,

Raw Cashew Milk Recipe…..


– Soak 1-2 cups of cashews for 4 to 12 hours.

– Drain and blend them up in a blender full of water. You could use 8 cups of water, although you can play around with the amount of water to make the nut-milk thicker or thinner and see how you like it best.


– You can blend in a few pitted medjool dates, a dash of olive oil, a dash of salt, a little vanilla, and/or the sweetener of your choice if you like. We use honey.

– You can even spice it with cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

– Quickly blending in a few cups of ice at the end can be nice, too….

If you don’t have time to soak the nuts, and it is pure calories you are after, you can use non-soaked cashews instead. Blend them up first in a dry Vitamix blender in to a powder. Then add the water and other optional ingredients above.

You can often find raw organic cashews in the bulk section of your health food store.
They are high in calories, high in fat, and high in protein. Soaking them removes some of the fat but makes them easier to digest too, for those who have difficulty digesting nuts or fats in general.

For more great ideas and recipes to help you get enough calories on your raw food diet, see The Garden Diet’s 21 Day Raw Cleanse
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3 Responses to Raw Cashew Milk Recipe

  1. Beverly says:

    Don’t you have to pour the almond milk thru a nut bag after blending? If you don’t that seems to be so much easier.

    • Jinjee says:

      It is easier. Some people like to do both. I did this when I didn’t have a nutmilk bag.

    • Joelle says:

      Hi. When I make smoothies, I leave it with the pulp, but if I want to use it on top of cereal or a drink, then I strain it. I’m actually okay with it any way, but my family gets a little picky.

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