About Beauty and Early Birds

shaleglam1I have observed that beauty is an attitude that can be cultivated. Ugly is not a facial structure but an attitude.

You can see a person with a less-than-idealized facial shape radiate beauty and a so-called perfect face radiate ugliness or plain-ness (or simply not radiate).

If you want to be beautiful, choose to be beautiful, find within you the mental strength to believe that you are beautiful, and finally feel beautiful then you can project that beauty.

Is kindness beautiful? Is loving acceptance and humility beautiful? Is curiosity and vulnerability beautiful? To people who value these virtues, they are indeed.

What are your positive character traits? What do you stand for? Believe in? What are you all about? Who are you? Can you express these things with your appearance; the look on your face, your posture, your movements, your countenance, body language and facial expressions? Can you radiate your vibration with your appearance? Can you emote these traits through your eyes? I believe some people naturally do. And otherwise you can consciously choose to.

You may not be conscious of how beautiful these characteristics may be to others. Attraction is a funny thing. Not everyone looks for typical attractiveness. Different things appeal to different people of course.

There’s a force of spirit, character, that comes across as far more beautiful than frail genetic beauty, symmetrical features, and commercial good looks.

And of course no matter how beautiful you are inside and out, good health can always enhance your beauty and your vibration.

A healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, getting fresh air and sunshine, daily exercise, sufficient sleep, and feeling happy all contribute to your physical health.

And when you are in good health then you get the benefits of a healthy appearance: clear, glowing skin; white, shiny, bright and clear eyes; a fit, strong, and confident physique; good posture, and shiny, healthy hair.

Good mental health and spiritual health contribute to beauty also. When you are happy you radiate. When you are grounded, connected to yourself, loving yourself, spiritually growing, enjoying your life, that comes across as a sort of beauty; as magnetic, powerful, exciting, vibrant and alive. These are beautiful things.

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In Joy!

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