8 superfoods that aren’t worth the hype


Overrated Superfoods

Interesting article debunks the superfood myth in everything from acai berries to coconut oil.


I do agree with most of the opinion/assessments in this article, perhaps with the exception of the fruit and vegetable juices and green smoothies. Though I do agree these are best made at home to ensure they are made with fresh ingredients and nothing artificial added, I think some of the prepared brands are quite good and a nice option when you’re on the go. Read the ingredients to make sure no sugar or chemicals have been added.

I have long been skeptical of raw superfoods. They are a trendy way for people in the raw business to earn money through selling expensive products that have an eternal shelf life, but of course the real superfoods are fresh fruits and vegetables!

I don’t sell superfoods or supplements. I rely on the sales of my online menu plan programs which teach people how to go raw safely and easily. They provide ongoing raw lifestyle support including daily instructions and they come with a lifetime membership. There is never anything additional to buy from me. The shopping lists tell you exactly what you need to purchase to prepare the recipes in the menu plans using fruits and vegetables found in the produce section of your grocery store.

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