Top 7 Reasons People Don't Eat Raw

21 Day Raw Cleanse

1. Social

Cooked food is woven in to the fabric of society. Humans need community to thrive. Eating raw can be socially alienating, thus trading one unhealthy state (toxicity) for another (social ostracism).

2. Detox

Many people go raw and have uncomfortable detox symptoms; head-aches, flue-like symptoms, constipation or the runs, and fatigue are common, especially if one goes from a highly toxic diet to a too “pure” raw diet and then includes “borderline” raw foods that have numerous toxins (like raw cacao, protein powders, nutritional yeast, etc).

3. Addiction

Cooked food is toxic. (see last post on “denaturation“). Therefore it is addictive. Yet it is not thought of as addictive so there is no stigma on doing cooked food as there is alcohol or drugs. Everyone does it. In fact, many people will think there is something wrong with you if you don’t eat cooked food.

4. Availability/Expense

Fresh organic food simply isn’t available year-round everywhere at a reasonable quality and price.

5. Learning Curve / Time Constraints

Changing your habits, learning new recipes, developing new shopping routines, learning to eat a balanced raw diet, learning the pitfalls and fine-tuning the diet for your unique needs all take time.

6. Not Sure it is Healthy

Even though people experience health benefits almost immediately when they go raw, we can still be frightened by the scientific community which has not yet officially validated the raw diet in the press. We have also all been brainwashed through the work of lobbyists that meat and dairy are necessary for health, even though studies have proven their harmfulness. There is also a myth that B12 is only available in animal products.

7. Emotional Attachments to Certain Foods

As we grow up, certain foods may have met our emotional needs when we couldn’t have them met in natural ways. Once we can connect deeply within and get our emotional needs met through connecting with ourselves and others in a healthy way, we will be ready to let go of emotional eating.

On our 21 Days Raw page we present some of the solutions to these obstacles to vibrant health!

In Joy!

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