5 Health Tips for Working Women in 2017


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Whether you are working at home or in the office, here are some health trends that you can incorporate to improve your health in 2017!

1.) Athleisure

Wear yoga pants that look like slacks to the office! Check out all of the awesome styles their pants are available in! You’ll never have an excuse to skip your afternoon workout break when you have pants both professional and comfortable! (get that asana done on your coffee break!)

2.) Sit-To-Stand

Offices all over are providing standing desks in the workplace! Take a look at this article from Herman Miller discussing the benefits of Sit-to-Stand! Being able to switch from sitting to standing can do wonders for your body!

3.) The 10 Minute Workout

A lot of people are developing programs based on the latest research showing shorter workouts are more effective for women over 40. I’ve bought a few of these programs that were terribly disappointing in quality, but I absolutely love Erin’s 10-minute fat-blasting, body-sculpting workouts. I could see nice muscle tone in my legs and butt and a noticeably slimmer torso after the first week or two of doing these 10-minute daily routines!

4.) How to eat healthy

A 21 Day Raw Cleanse makes going raw for three weeks easy and highly effective for rejuvenation, safe weight loss, increased energy and wellbeing. This is a program you can do anywhere! Home, online, do this program at your own pace and lose weight!

5.) 10 office exercises you can do secretly

Exercise secretly! Take a look at the details of these 10 exercises you can do without having to leave your office!

  • Start-up Meeting Stretches
  • Copy Machine Calisthenics
  • Under Desk Dynamics
  • High Profile Aerobics
  • Office Chair Abdominals
  • Bottom Line Lifters
  • Water Bottle Workouts
  • Conference Table Toners
  • Innovative Isometrics
  • No-sweat Calorie Burners

Wishing you a healthy, happy new year!

In Joy!

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