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Today is final day of Early Bird Special…

Lifetime Raw Support… What do you get on the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special? – Lifetime Membership to the 21 Day Raw Cleanse so you can participate in all future sessions of the 21 Day Raw Cleanse, held every 7 weeks – Lifetime Membership … Continue reading

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7 Ways Going Raw Improved My Life….

1. Lost weight Within a couple of weeks of going raw my belly fat had melted away and within three months I had lost 45 lbs! The weight stayed off as long as I stayed 100% raw, which I was … Continue reading

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True measure of success…

Your Body is Your True Home… I was reading an article called 12 ways to know you’re successful…and I like the way the author summed up her thoughts on the subject, especially the last sentence, which I’ll share with you … Continue reading

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Getting excited about your life

Happiness is health… Part of our work on The Programs is increasing our desire to live fully. We’ve found this to be the missing link for many in the journey to weight release and health. When you can achieve inner wellbeing, … Continue reading

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Dive into Dynamic Healthy Living

Preparing for a Lifestyle Shift…This Monday marks one week until the next 28 Days Raw Session begins. There are many ways to prepare to go raw. You can sign up for the Program at, download the Prep Week eBook and read … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track with Healthy Eating

Sometimes getting back on track with healthy eating means finding a plan that resonates with you. Sometimes finding something that resonates with you can be stranger than you would think. In my case, I have eaten some unhealthy foods recently … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead to Raw

When you have constant muscle pain it can be a sign of inflammation. So much pain in the body, so many issues from asthma and arthritis to colitis, fibrosis and stroke are caused by or contributed to by inflammation. And … Continue reading

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This Healing Diet…

The 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a healing diet on so many levels… It was designed to help people go raw and release weight but I’m just amazed at the stories participants tell about the incredible physical changes they experience in just three … Continue reading

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