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Raw Recipe for Nursing Moms

Sometimes women who are nursing a baby may experience a drop in their milk supply when they first go raw and/or as they are fine-tuning a raw diet for their and their baby’s changing needs. Here’s a delicious raw recipe that always … Continue reading

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Turn Back the Clock 10 Years

The Garden Diet doesn’t just take off weight; it takes off years!      To participate in The Garden Diet’s upcoming menu plan programs for ongoing raw support visit us at where you can hear stories from the participants … Continue reading

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12 Hours Left in Huge Raw Recipes / Menu Plans / Support Programs Special!

The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse Starts Monday! Today is the last day for the Early Bird Special and the huge package of Bonus materials that we are offering with the Halloween 2-Program Lifetime Membership Early Bird special!   The … Continue reading

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Raw on The Go!

One of the most cited reasons people go off the raw diet is because of social difficulties. Here are a few ideas from our 21 Day Raw Cleanse materials that can help with a few of the many social raw … Continue reading

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Cheap & Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

  Feel free to share this graphic on your social networks!  

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To Practice Not Worrying

I don’t mean that you should stop caring about your health. But I do mean to stop worrying so much about what you eat. Eat the best you can. But don’t worry about it. Worrying is the killer. Take it … Continue reading

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Healthy Weight Release 3-Week Raw Menu Plan

Have you tried our 21 Day Raw Cleanse? It starts a week from Monday. (There’s an optional prep-week you can start this coming Monday).  – This is a comprehensive program with a full 21 day menu plan, recipes, instructions, and shopping … Continue reading

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Why We Eat Chocolate, according to David Deida

I stumbled on relationship coach David Deida’s website through some friends who are his students…And in this free excerpt from one of his books I found an interesting theory on why we eat chocolate…..The explanation which I’ve often felt/thought and … Continue reading

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Only You Know

Only you know how you feel at any given time. Only you know how certain foods make you feel, what gives you energy, what makes you feel moody. Only you know what you can do when you are feeling sluggish … Continue reading

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Bad Experience with Meat after Raw

You do hear a lot of stories in raw circles about people going off a raw diet and having a bad experience eating something cooked, and most often it is about meat.  Here’s an email I received from a woman … Continue reading

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We Are One

We are all connected, of course, in the web of everything. (Is that what they call the Matrix? – I think so). I do like the concept of the Microcosm being reflected in the Macrocosm. That is, each one of … Continue reading

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The Happiness Habit

Being a vibrant, happy person seems like a major key to success in relationships, health, and work! Some might even define success as happiness. What can you do for yourself today towards your own happiness? Only you know what will … Continue reading

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Raw Holiday Program Schedule

The Garden Diet’s Raw Holiday Season Program Schedule The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus A 2 week menu plan program and Tournament for the Raw Cup! Sunday October 12th – Saturday October 25th The 21 Day Raw Halloween Cleanse … Continue reading

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Easy Flat Tummy Tip:

It’s all about posture. Rotate your shoulders back and down, bringing your shoulder-blades closer together. This will pull your posture in to the right position to allow your tummy to tone itself. Make it your habit and over time it … Continue reading

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An Awesome Eating Meditation by Jay Michaelson

From the site…   Jay Michaelson writes…. Eating meditation is among the simplest, and most profound, of mindfulness practices. I’ve taught it at synagogues, schools, and community centers, to children, adults, and seniors — and everyone seems both to enjoy … Continue reading

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