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Your Addiction Wants You Dead

                  Russell Brand is a comedian who is a recovered heroin addict and speaks out on the importance of an abstinence-based recovery program. In one interview about the recent death of Phillip … Continue reading

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Sending Yourself Some Good Energy

I’m recycling an old daily raw inspiration here… “Spend a few moments a day thinking loving thoughts about yourself. Especially if you are giving yourself a hard time, feeling bad about your eating habits for instance, this can really help … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Cherimoya

The cherimoya is a delicious fruit grown in Southern California. Mark Twain called the cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to men.”[3] The fruit is fleshy and soft, sweet, white in color, with a sherbet-like texture, which gives it its … Continue reading

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift: Deliciously Uncooked!

Are you stuck for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? I have something that I think she would love! A beautiful raw food recipe eBook – not a diet or weight loss book! Not a rejuvenation book! (although including more raw … Continue reading

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Discussion of Troubles with Raw

Hi Jinjee, I was once mostly raw for about 3-4 years – almost one hundred percent during the summer months. I had a hypothyroid problem which started me researching about nutrition and alternative healing. I adopted a highly raw diet … Continue reading

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Who Should Join the 28 Days Raw Program

 The Garden Diet’s flagship Program, The 28 Days Raw Online Transition-to-Raw Program begins on Monday! (That’s this Monday, May 5th, 2014) This program is for you if…. ….The SAD (Standard American Diet) is no longer working for you and you know there must … Continue reading

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