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The Secret to Healthy Habits

The HEALTH Cycle: 1. Eating Healthy 2. Exercising 3. Happiness It is like a flywheel. It is very heavy to start pushing it, almost impossible to move it. But you keep pushing, and pushing, and after a very long hard … Continue reading

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The Cure For Addiction is Exercise

As explained to me by a scientific researcher… 1.) Dopamine is a chemical our body manufactures that makes us feel pleasure and “reward”. 2.) People who have what we call “addictive natures” have what scientists call “down-regulated systems”. A person … Continue reading

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Gut Microbes

Interesting article from Wired Magazine¬†“The Surprising Gut Microbes of African Hunter-Gatherers”: Comments after reading: I think the difference is in what they don’t eat! Perhaps those supposedly disease-producing gut bacteria aren’t producing disease in the Hadza because they don’t … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra’s New Model of Self Care, Top 11 Steps

According to Deepak Chopra, we are following outdated models of self-care, and a new model of self-care would include the following priorities: – Making happiness a high priority. – Making sure your life has purpose and meaning. – Living according … Continue reading

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Raw eBook Giveaway, 3 Keys To Lasting Weight Release

With a new 21 Day Cleanse session beginning on Monday and lots of new friends signing up to take part in this adventurous journey, I wanted to give a little something back in the form of some uplifting weekend reading! … Continue reading

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Letter to a Diabetic

Here is an email I just received last night from a gentleman….(not the one above – he is just a lovely example of a man who completely changed his habits and his life!) Good afternoon Mrs. Talifero, I purchased one … Continue reading

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Raw Vegan Cream of Coconut Soup Recipe

This is one of Storm’s newest creations… Ingredients for Base – 1 coconut, both the coconut water and the coconut meat. – 1 avocado – 1 and a half cups cashews or macadamia nuts – 1/4th cup nutritional ¬†yeast – … Continue reading

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