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Jay Z and Beyonce’s Vegan Cleanse Success

If you watched the Grammy’s last weekend you may have seen Beyonce and Jay Z opening the show looking just a little more incredibly fit and healthy than usual. Apparently they recently completed a 22 day vegan cleanse and released … Continue reading

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My Raw Tribe

I did this exercise using Seth Godin’s “Tribes” concept because you have to know who you are talking to in order to really understand and improve your business.  I did not intend to share this, so it is kind of … Continue reading

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So raw didn’t work for you? And now you are just eating whatever you want as you cast around for the next thing that will bring you into balance? It’s OK, there are any number of things that can throw … Continue reading

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American Nutrition Association Report on Hidden Toxins in Cooked Food

The American Nutrition Association has published an article called The Hidden Toxins in Cooked Food It begins.. “Nutritionists are well aware of the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables and that cooking destroys much of the nutritive value of foods. … Continue reading

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Strangest Secret to Storm’s Success Staying Raw So Many Years

My friend Shannon emailed me saying he is really feeling the call to go raw. He has done raw before and was curious about what Storm’s secret to staying raw all these years is. I told him I thought it … Continue reading

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Bread and Cheese Don’t Mix

I have noticed a lot of medical articles in recent years about the vegan diet improving all kinds of conditions. I’ve noticed a lot of other articles about the gluten free diet improving many conditions too, some of them the … Continue reading

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