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Raw Cashew Milk Recipe

How to Get Enough Calories on a Raw Food Diet… We can easily lose a ton of weight on a raw food diet, and that’s lovely for those of us who need to watch our weight. But what about those … Continue reading

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Help make Peace go Viral!

The Peace Poll – Have you heard of Peace Poll yet? Peace Poll is documenting if people in the world want peace. If this is the case, they want to permeate world consciousness with this idea, just as the … Continue reading

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Food Combinations that Pack on Weight

In my humble, un-scientific opinion food combining is very different on a raw food diet. Firstly, raw carbs, proteins and fats are totally different than cooked carbs, proteins and fats. So most of the rules can go right out the … Continue reading

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On Not Being Fanatical with Ourselves

I am traveling, relocating, house-hunting, under financial stress, emotional stress, situational stress, time-crunch stress, etc… Sometimes when there’s no time go inward for a few minutes a day, anxiety can catch up with us. When this happens, I am not … Continue reading

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New Blog from 21 Day Cleanse Participant…

I love this new tumblr blog put up by Jennifer, whose muscle-gain before and afters I shared with you last week after she did our last 21 Day Raw Cleanse… I especially love the photos she took of our recipes! … Continue reading

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Tell Your Freegan They Don't Need to Dumpster Dive

Many of us have teenage kids or young adults, many of whom are checking out the Freegan movement which is all about anti-food-waste, as in the millions of dollars worth of food thrown away in dumpsters daily by food stores. … Continue reading

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Constipation from Sitting vs. Detox Constipation

Question from a 21 Day Raw Cleanse Program Participant: Hi Jinjee, I wanted to ask you what should be done if I am always constipated. It has been like this for years.┬áMy bowel movements occur rarely, sometimes I won’t go … Continue reading

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Overcoming Fat and Protein Cravings

Question from Go-RAW Program Participant…. Hi Jinjee, I am generally 2 meals raw now but this week I was craving hamburgers and I ate 3 pints of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter….so, I need to understand what happened and … Continue reading

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Building Muscle, Toning, Cleansing, Rejuvenating and Re-Energizing

Not everyone joins The Garden Diet Programs to release weight. We often have people join in who are already raw vegan but seeking to improve their raw diet in order to maximize their potential for long-term health and well-being. We … Continue reading

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Better Mental Health on Raw

In this society I’ll bet we all feel like we are going crazy sometimes! The stress of modern living alone is enough to challenge anyone’s mental health. And is it any wonder with how un-natural our world has become? The … Continue reading

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Benefits of Menu Planning

For just a little investment of time in the planning phase you can save yourself a whole lot of stress thinking about what to eat every evening, every day or every meal! Creating a menu plan can make the difference … Continue reading

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Seeking Good Feelings from Bad Food

Seeking good feelings from bad food is a crazy merry-go-round, ending up in a panic to eat something that will bring emotional ease, like an addict chasing a high but not finding the right drug-cocktail to get it because with … Continue reading

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Connecting To Yourself

I believe that achieving and maintaining a healthy life / healthy weight is in part determined by ones emotional well-being. Through practicing Emotional Brain Training I have developed the habit of taking a few deep breaths frequently throughout the day. … Continue reading

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