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They Say…

They say…. * Just breathe! * Relax! * Smile * Be in the moment * Accept yourself just as you are * Know yourself …No doubt this is all good advice! But what if there was an easy and enjoyable … Continue reading

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My Vegan-RAW Shopping List

Here is the Shopping List for 28 Days Raw Program beginning tomorrow….If you are participating….find a farmer’s market and/or health food store and get shopping! If not registered yet, you can still sign up til midnight tonight here:   … Continue reading

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The Joy Call

I’m very excited to invite you to a f-reee Teleclass tonight, Saturday Feb 16th, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time where I will be introducing Emotional Brain Training (EBT) Coach Barbara Gabriel, MFT and our new “Joy Foods Diet” programs that … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Here’s a Romantic Raw Recipe for a Strawberry Macadamia Nut Smoothie that is creamy and oh-so-deliciously sensuous! ½ cup macadamia nuts (or cashews) 2 medjool dates, pitted 4 strawberries Water of 1 young coconut (or just use water if you … Continue reading

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25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic….

25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic…. Raw foods are delicious You have more energy Colors look brighter You can enjoy dancing more You aren’t distracted by addictions You smell better Preparing raw food together is fun and playful You … Continue reading

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The Joy Foods Diet

* Do you need more support in sticking to your ideal diet, high-raw diet or 100% raw diet? * Is emotional detox making it difficult to transition to a cleaner diet? * Are you suffering from food addictions, emotional eating, … Continue reading

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The Boy with a Thorn in His Joints

A friend of mine sent me the below heart-breaking, lengthy article from the New York Times that I believe brings up a lot of important issues around health, medication, antibiotics and their relationship to “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, and why dietary … Continue reading

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Collecting a Joy Point

Before EBT (Emotional Brain Training, not to be confused with EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) I would have run out to get chocolate in this situation… This time when the thoughts came to me, as I’m trying to get a … Continue reading

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