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High Raw

What is High Raw? A high raw diet is one that is over 75% raw. In some of our early literature we applied the term to a diet that was mostly fruits and vegetables without raw nuts or condiments – … Continue reading

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Storm's 40-Years Raw Anniversary!

Storm went raw on Christmas Day 1972. This Christmas marks 40 years since that day! Storm is a wonderful raw chef who created most of the recipes in our programs, and he has written and co-written numerous eBooks on the … Continue reading

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A Step in the Right Direction

From my journal… Sitting in the car eating something I normally wouldn’t touch and I won’t even mention — I thought “I have to stop eating these. I don’t want to end up in the hospital”. Now, I usually don’t … Continue reading

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Cyber-Monday Specials! (and Tuesday too!)

I’m getting this out kinda late – so I’m leaving these up til end of Tuesday! I didn’t want to join in the hoopla but I am a cyber biz and have been for 11 years, and why not have … Continue reading

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What We Eat…

Breakfast… For breakfast we usually have fruit, often orange juice or a smoothie…Yep, that carries us through the morning. If not, we snack on more fruit! Lunch… For lunch we have a big salad, most often Kale Salad with cashew … Continue reading

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On Setting a Goal

I confess I’m of such an artistic nature that I often have to set a timer to focus me on my tasks. Today I had great success cleansing the kitchen by setting my (otherwise useless) stove timer for 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Weekend Weight Loss Specials

Get some Thanksgiving weekend discounts without having to venture forth in to the madness out there! Here’s what The Garden Diet is offering…. These Special Prices last from now through end of this weekend only! (And only by using the … Continue reading

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Inventing Raw Soup

Happy No-Turkey Day! Stuck for a last-minute raw Thanksgiving recipe? Some of my favorite recipes have been invented by using whatever is left in the pantry and fridge! A basic raw soup, for instance, consists of any vegetables – carrots, … Continue reading

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Seeking New Raw Balance – An EBT Cycle

I am loving my EBT (Emotional Brain Training) practice! I’m gaining clarity in to every aspect of my life, expressing my previously unconscious thoughts that were ruling my life, taking 2-minutes out each hour for deep breathing and lovingly observing … Continue reading

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To Be 100% RAW or Not to Be?

People think it is about orthorexia, or pride, or obsession over a number. They think it is about trying to be perfect, that it is about control. But if you’ve ever been 100% raw you know that it is about … Continue reading

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21 Day Christmas Cleanse!

This is the time of the year that a lot of people go off their diets. But you don’t have to lose ground. You don’t have to undo all your good work! Our 21 Day Christmas Cleanse starting on December … Continue reading

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Safety in Raw Vegan Diet

When people tell me the reason I struggle to stay 100% raw is because I eat too much fat or too much fruit or too few calories I say fiddlesticks! Utter nonsense! When I follow my balanced 100% Garden Diet … Continue reading

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Raw Pregnancy Q and A

Email from a participant in our 28 days raw Program…. Hello Jinjee, I am pregnant with my third baby. I thought I was going to do great and have a raw pregnancy, but it’s been soooo different and I have … Continue reading

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Got iron? Pomegranate Orange Juice

As women we need to be sure we are getting enough iron. Did you know that vitamin C is helpful for iron absorption? So, we are always on the lookout for delicious recipes that contain both vitamin C and iron. … Continue reading

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The Art of Raw Tomato Bisque

The Basic Recipe 1 enormous heirloom Tomato (or 3 med. tomatoes) 1 cup Cashews, powdered (blend cashews in a dry Vitamix/blender to powder) Meat of 1 young coconut Water of 1 young coconut 2-3 tbspns Olive Oil Salt to taste … Continue reading

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Schedule of Holiday and New Year Sessions

Usually we do a mid-holiday cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year our 28 Days Raw Program spans Thanksgiving and our 21 Day Cleanse includes Christmas! So for those who want to avoid Holiday set-backs to their health-successes this … Continue reading

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