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Concerning Constipation

Sometimes it really seems like at least half of America is constipated! I think we can blame bread, pasta, sitting for 8 hours or more a day, not drinking enough water, not exercising, and not eating enough fiber in the … Continue reading

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Do You Really Relax?

I don’t think we really realize how important relaxation is. And I don’t think most of us really do ever really, truly, fully relax. There is just too much stress static in the air of this modern world. I had … Continue reading

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Go-Raw Special ends Midnight

As you know our 28 Days Raw Class begins on this coming Monday September 24th. So, just for today I’m offering a last-minute two-for-one deal on our go-RAW Program 4-Program Special: the 28 Days Raw, 21 Days Raw, Vital Force, and … Continue reading

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Protected: Registration for EBT Group

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Why The Garden Diet Works

I have never seen another raw website with the extensive, authentic, passionate and stellar feedback shown on our Results Page at I’m going to tell you why I think our Programs are so successful with helping people to go … Continue reading

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Emotional Brain Training TeleGroup with Barbara Gabriel, MFT

An 8 Month Program – 1.5 hour Teleclass every Wednesday at 4:00 PM – Beginning Wednesday October 3rd. How The Emotional Brain Training Teleclass Group works… 1. Email me if interested, and I will email you a sign-up link if there … Continue reading

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Affirmations vs. Advertising – mp3 RawRadio JINJ

Recently discovered myself doing a natural form of affirmations. This recording explores the genesis, benefits and results of the simple practice of mentally/verbally affirming or noticing the positive about yourself and your life. Also this recording gets in to the … Continue reading

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Preparing to Go RAW

Our new 28 Days Transition to Raw Program begins in just over a week, on Monday September 24th. Although it is a transition program, it is 100% raw. However being a Balanced Raw Diet we have found that many people … Continue reading

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My Soothing Connection Menu Plan

I am ready to make a change in my raw diet, focusing on my own needs instead of eating whatever works best for the whole family. So, I am using the Raw Empowerment Program to design a new RAW menu … Continue reading

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Set Small Goals

Don’t think you can get through the day without falling off the wagon? Take today one moment at a time. By setting little goals and meeting them you make yourself stronger, you empower yourself. Set a goal upon rising to … Continue reading

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Learning Self-Care

Working with EBT (Emotional Brain Training) I’m now learning what has often stopped my self-care. I was unconsciously feeling guilty because I expected more of myself than I was capable of. Once I acknowledged my guilt to myself and saw … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Health

Nothing contributes to a person’s overall long-term health and happiness more than Cultivating The Heart of Gratitude! A grateful heart will eventuate in a radiant beauty, attractiveness, happiness, and inner health pouring out of our eyes, our bearing, our countenance. … Continue reading

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10th Annual Back-to-the-Garden Retreat Pics

Ah, it was a wonderful time!! Made me wish we could do retreats forever. This was our final Annual Back-to-the-Garden retreat as Storm needs to dedicate himself to his film productions for the next few years, but in the future … Continue reading

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