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21 Days Raw Feedback

I love to hear the stories of people going raw for the first time! Here’s what one of our participants just sent her Program Pals and is allowing me to share with you all…. Hello to all! It has been … Continue reading

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Martina Navratilova Plant-Based Diet

I know we have a lot of athletes subscribed because of Storm’s athletic longevity. Many athletes think that the raw vegan diet doesn’t provide enough calories or protein. So it is interesting to see more athletes eating a vegan diet … Continue reading

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When Our Food Addictions Hurt Others

I took this Blog post from our 28 Days Raw online community. I like the direction of this woman’s thoughts, questioning how our compulsive eating hurts our family. I also think this blog post represents a somewhat common experience on … Continue reading

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Free from Emotional Eating

It is true that sometimes people have had amazing experiences on The Garden Diet Programs, like losing 100 lbs. in a year or getting off medications. But more often, our Programs are just a small part of a person’s health … Continue reading

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