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Daily Raw Inspiration – Raw Vegan Hot Pants

Would you like to hear what it is like to go on our 21 Day Raw Cleanse? Well, a young female athlete who is known as “Raw Vegan Hot Pants” did it, and blogged about the experience!   Here’s an … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Reframing Raw

It is silly to beat ourselves up for slipping. Humans slip. In a cooked society a raw person is swimming upstream. So give yourself a break. From a positive mind-state, you’ll more quickly find your way back to the healthy … Continue reading

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Brandi Rollins' 28 Day Raw Foods on a Budget Program!

I’m so excited to present you with my BFF Brandi Rollins’ new program, the 28 Day Raw Foods on a Budget Program (not to be confused with The Garden Diet 28 Day Raw Transition Program)…Brandi has been working on her … Continue reading

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Well-being and Wellness; How To Cultivate More of What You Want

I talk a lot about cultivating well-being, as I believe well-being is one of the three Keys to Health, along with Exercise and Diet. When I say “well-being” I refer to inner well-being, spirituality, happiness, positive thinking, a positive mental … Continue reading

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Kai On Pai's Blog about The Garden Diet 21 Day Cleanse

Here’s Kai on Pai’s first post in her Blog about her experience on our 21 Day Raw Cleanse! “For lack of a better term, I’ve been feeling a little… jiggly lately. ├é┬áNothing too awful, and secretly I’ve been telling myself … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Relationship Health

After 18 years of marriage I can say that marriage is not easy. Like a good diet and a great workout, a healthy marriage can be painful, hard work! But like diet and exercise, a marriage that is hard work … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Does Your Addiction Harm Others?

Addiction, even food addiction, being a slow form of suicide, we like to think it won’t harm anyone else but ourselves. We may even think that our leaving this plane will actually help the people in our life. But number … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Watermelon Juice

Have you ever just blended up a watermelon in your blender? (not the rind, but the red part) Wow! If you haven’t, I highly recommend trying this. It is refreshing, satisfying, rejuvenating, hydrating, and healing! Make a breakfast of it, … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Extent of Damage From Cooked Foods

I’ve been jaw-dropping-ly amazed over the years at the things that turn out to be related to cooked SAD foods, from acne and cellulite to morning sickness and labor pains to candida and cancer. And now I’m seeing first hand … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Exercise Trending

I’m just realizing it can be fun and beneficial to stay up on some of the latest exercise trends. Zumba, P90X, Interval Training, Hip Hop Dance, Exercise Balls, Hot Yoga, Kettle Bells, and on an on. I have just been … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Call Jinjee Friday Evening

I’d like to invite you to a Free hour-long Teleseminar on Friday – tomorrow – evening at 6:00 PM PST, (7:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Central, 9:00 PM Eastern) all about The Garden Diet and our Programs! If you’ve been … Continue reading

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61 Years Old and Still Rawkin!

Here are some photos of Storm doing his workout this morning. After his workout we went for our usual morning walk & business meeting, and today I gave him a surprise video interview about the secrets of his success in … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – Addicted to Addiction

We are all comfortably used to being addicted; to having something we crave and then satisfying that craving. Cooked food is the mother of all addictions, and when you kick it all your other addictions fade away too. But it … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – In Praise of Papaya

The papaya (from Carib via Spanish), papaw, or pawpaw was first cultivated in southern Ancient Mexico. The fruit is ripe when it feels soft (like a ripe avocado or a bit softer) and its skin has attained an amber to … Continue reading

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Daily Raw Inspiration – End of Raw Summer Slimdown

We are reaching the end of our Raw Summer Slimdown! So all of you Participants in our 21 and 28 Day Programs, be sure to send in your Before and Afters to by September 21st for a chance to … Continue reading

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