You’ve Decided to Go Raw, Now What?

So you’ve decided to go raw; now what? You would think that doing all the studying about eating healthy, getting inspired and finally making this momentous decision would be good enough!

But raw food doesn’t grow on trees….I mean…it does, actually…but it isn’t exactly readily available everywhere you go like, say, junk food is.

I think if you are going to be successful at eating raw, you need a plan. It’s not just about what you aren’t going to eat, but you need to know what you are going to eat.

Even if it’s just planning a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and nut-milk for dinner, that’s a start. You have to learn the best places in your area to buy the various ingredients you’ll need. You have to get in the habit of buying basic raw ingredients to create easy raw recipes on the fly.

But won’t you be hungry eating just salads and smoothies? Yes, actually, you will. It will be hard to stick to the raw diet long-term with so little variety, so few calories, and so little protein. For some people it will be hard in the beginning as they will be hungry. For others they may feel really high on so little food in the beginning but later the lack of sufficient heavy protein may cause them a desire to binge.

After years of experimenting you may find a balanced raw diet that gives you all the nutrients you need to feel satisfied long-term as well as avoid deficiencies. You may find ways to make the recipes really delicious and at the same time easy to make, so you don’t end up spending all your time in the kitchen or dreaming about cooked foods.

Or you could save yourself years of study, experimentation, trial and error, pitfalls, and setbacks….and you could purchase our menu plan Programs, The 28 Days Raw Program and the 21 Day Raw Cleanse.

Let our years of research and development with a real live test group – our family of five children – and our experience in what works and what doesn’t – go to work for you now so you can have an out-of-the-box ready-made raw menu plan that is both delicious and doable!

Check it all out at today and sign up by Friday to get all this at our ridiculously low Lifetime Membership Early Bird Special for ongoing raw support!

If you truly want to eat healthy and live your most vibrant life, we have the tools! I hope you’ll treat yourself to the experience!

28 Days Raw Starts Monday!

In Joy!

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