Wrong (and right) reasons for going raw….

Image courtesy of start08 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of start08 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This is a little tongue-in-cheek, but there may be some truth to it…


– So I don’t have to exercise (true, you can lose weight on raw foods without exercising, but you can’t be truly healthy and well without exercising, and your body will eventually lose its tone!)

– So I don’t have to get my teeth fixed (true, raw foods won’t aggravate your cavities into tooth-aches, but you should still get those fixed!)

– So I can feel superior (one of the most annoying things about raw-vegans, especially when they are trying to get one-up on each-other! These people will exclude whole food-groups just to win at being the most restrictive)

– So I can be more spiritual (you might have an easier time connecting to your spirit, but you are still going to get lessons and have to go through challenges like anyone else trying to grow)

– To be more pure, clean, perfect (it ain’t gonna save your soul!)

– To save time (time-saving in many ways, if you do a simple/doable version)

– To heal (this is actually the best reason to go raw! It doesn’t heal everything, but it heals so many things that it’s worth a shot!)

– To not age (do it right and you rejuvenate; wrong and you can actually age more quickly!)

– To live forever (not gonna happen – maybe an extra 20-30 years at best, if you get it right!)

– To be annoying (to make people go to more trouble for your dietary considerations. Yes, sometimes it does seem like young people do it to be rebellious. Hey, there are a lot worse rebellions they could go through!)

Funny Alert! – I want to share this funny video called “If meat eaters acted like vegans”. it’s laugh-out-loud clever and funny, but gross because of the raw meat. But if you don’t think this is funny, you might need to take yourself a little less seriously! :)


New: The 28 Days Raw Program started today with a new group going raw together. Late registration is now open through Wednesday at http://28DaysRaw.com


In Joy!

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