6 Reasons You Should Have a Raw Experience….


1.) It is a Powerful Experience! – Like trying to describe being in love or childbirth to someone who has never experienced these things, I can’t describe a raw experience to you. You can only understand the incredible insights and feelings that you have on the 100% raw vegan diet if you actually try it. And even if you only do it for a week, it is worth it to have the experience! It is truly an altered reality. I believe if everyone on the planet tried it for 3 weeks, that it would change the world.

2.) You will Experience Health! – You will know what it is like to be healthy. If you have not experienced yourself in actual health, it is indescribable. It is like vibrating in a constant state of bliss to exist in a healthy body. Many people have never had this experience, even as children. Raw food alone won’t do this; but raw food combined with a workout practice will.

3.) You will Understand Your Body – After 2 to 3 weeks of being 100% raw, you will understand your body better and how different foods affect your moods and your physical body. The longer you stay raw the greater knowledge of this you will have. This self-knowledge will help you in your life to be able to choose foods that are healthier for you whether you stay 100% raw or not. You will have new tools that will help you to feel better for longer in your life.

4.) You will Understand Food – You will understand food on a whole new level. You will have insights into the nature of food, how natural foods in their native state are healing, cleansing, rebuilding and regenerating. You will feel these things happening. You will feel the difference when you start introducing other foods again. And you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the unique powers and properties of each food that you eat.

5.) You Will Make Friends with Hunger – You will get in touch with your hunger. You will actually get hungry in between meals, something you may not ever experience now. You will learn to enjoy this feeling of lightness and enjoy the phase of being empty and clean, desiring food and asking yourself what you really want to eat. You will know that while you are hungry you are cleansing and burning excess weight. You will want to make the best choices you can from that place of clarity. You will learn that hunger makes your food taste incredibly delicious. You will actually start to want to wait until you are hungry to eat. You will learn that when you don’t eat due to hunger, you are often eating out of boredom or anxiety. You will not be eating from an addiction any more, and you will thereby learn how surprisingly little food you actually need to feel satisfied and nourished.

6.) Healthy Things will Taste Better – Your taste buds will become more sensitive after about 3 days of eating 100% raw and will become progressively more sensitive over the weeks or months of eating raw, so that you will actually be able to tune in to the subtle flavors in even vegetables and develop a love for these foods. You will learn what you really like to eat, your body will tell you exactly what you want to eat, and you will want to hold out for those foods that you are truly craving at any time. This will naturally cause you to simultaneously release weight and enjoy your food much more!


In Joy!





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