Why The Garden Diet Works

28 Days RawI have never seen another raw website with the extensive, authentic, passionate and stellar feedback shown on our Results Page at http://tinyurl.com/gardentales

I’m going to tell you why I think our Programs are so successful with helping people to go raw and stay raw!

Experienced Guidance: Most raw teachers have not been alive as long as Storm has been raw! Storm came up with the recipes over the course of the last 40 years and has developed and perfected menu plans that have helped him to thrive on a long-term raw vegan diet.

Balance, Satisfaction and Doability: Some other raw diets work really well in the short term but can lead to deficiencies in the long term. To eat raw for life, you will need a Balanced Raw Diet with a lot of variety and satisfying meals that are easy to make in real day-to-day life. (Our recipes take an average of 7 minutes to prepare).

Emotional Help: I know how hard it is to stay raw year after year, what it is like to deal with emotional eating, emotional detox, food addictions, and compulsive overeating. So I have put together the support part of the program with all of the things that have helped me to stay mostly raw over the last 18 years, to forgive myself for my weaknesses and to be happy with myself as I am.

Group Support and Daily Motivation: The support components are optional but they make going raw fun and they make it easier. They include all the things I wanted when I was having trouble going raw and sticking with the raw diet — a supportive online network of like minded people doing the same raw diet and Daily Instruction emails full of information, resources, motivation, workout suggestions, inspiration and personal guidance that are a big help with staying focused, inspired, and motivated.

What is The Garden Diet 28 Days Transition-to-Raw Program?

– A Life-Changing Program to help you get fit and healthy through the combined momentum of improving your Diet, Exercise, and Motivation!

– A Balanced raw vegan toolbox of recipes using fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their unheated state to provide a natural way of eating for life!

– A System for changing your diet easily with Menu Plans and Shopping Lists to take the guesswork out of going raw. Planning is essential but time consuming. We’ve done the planning for you, so you can succeed!

– Although it is a Transition Program this is a 100% Raw Diet that is rich and filling enough so that uncomfortable detox symptoms are unlikely. (And if detox does occur we have solutions!)

If you would like to participate in the group session starting on Monday with over 100 other new participants, I recommend signing up today so you can print out the first shopping list and go shopping for your ingredients this weekend!

Our Early Bird Special ends Friday at midnight.

Click here to find out more and register today – http://28DaysRaw.com

In Joy!

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