Why New Years Day is the Best Time to Go 100% Raw


– It’s memorable and it’s good to have an easy-to-remember date like Christmas, New Years, or your Birthday to go raw on.

– Here’s why that’s important. It helps to be able to easily count how many months or years you’ve been raw, because then you can easily see how far you’ve come, and that inspires you to keep on going!

– You don’t want to lose that New Years Day start-date advantage, so that keeps you on the path too!

– 2015 is a nice easy year to calculate from. In 2020 you’ll be able to say you’ve been 100% raw for 5 years! Or in 2042 you will hopefully be able to say “I’ve been raw for 27 years). Notice I didn’t say 100%. Because it isn’t likely anyone can hold 100% for 27 years! But if you strive to eat mostly raw, i.e. high raw, and you are dedicated to eating raw recipes as the main course of your main meals of the day for instance, then you still reap the tremendous benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

– This is the time to make resolutions, to make this the best year ever. And no matter what your resolutions are for this year, a healthy lifestyle is going to make all of them more doable, more fun, more enjoyable, and more rewarding!


New Years Raw Menu Plans….

I’m accepting late sign-ups in our 2 New Years Day start-date menu plan programs, the REP and the Rumpus and you can also still sign up for our incredible 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special for the 21 and 28 days raw Programs that start up on this Monday Jan 5th and run back-to-back throughout the year! 

Get all the details and links here: http://jinjeetalifero.com/?p=3915

And/or sign up for all four of these menu plan programs at once here: http://28daysRAW.com


In Joy,

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