Why Cleanse with Raw Foods

greensmoothiearugulaMany cleanses involve liquid diets and fasts of various sorts and can be very effective. However, when you come off these cleanses you have to be careful to eat clean and only gradually introduce the more toxic foods in your regular diet or you can get really sick because your body looses its tolerance for toxins while you are cleansing.

The 21 Day Raw Cleanse (http://21daysRaw.com) can be a good solution for someone coming off a liquid cleanse or any kind of fast. You’ll still be consuming toxin-free food but you’ll be eating three delicious meals a day and can snack on as much fruit as you’d like in between meals too.

By doing a raw cleanse instead of a liquid diet you get a lot, if not all of the benefits of a liquid cleanse, without a shock to your system.

You are still eating, getting lots of fiber and nutrients so you feel really energized. You can still work, exercise, and carry on your day as usual.

Your body will slowly and gradually release toxins over the 21 Days and you’ll notice that your skin looks healthier and more toned, fat is melting away, and your aches and pains vanish.

Instead of going back to a standard diet after the cleanse, you can transition to the 28 Days Raw Program which starts right after the 21 Day Cleanse, or you can repeat the Cleanse menu plans for as long as you like.

The Raw Cleanse can easily be a lifestyle that you can adopt to experience the benefits of a long-term raw diet; rejuvenation, longevity, disease prevention, improved athletic recovery time, increased flexibility, and all the ways that great health can impact a life on every level!

Many people buy the 2-Program Lifetime Membership and stay on the 21 and 28 Day Programs for many months at a time. We’ve had some people release 100 lbs. and more by staying on the programs for a year. You can see their pictures at http://21daysRaw.com

Find out more at: http://21daysRaw.com and join in the fun with our new group going raw together starting Monday!

In Joy!

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