Who Should Join the 28 Days Raw Program

 The Garden Diet’s flagship Program, The 28 Days Raw Online Transition-to-Raw Program begins on Monday! (That’s this Monday, May 5th, 2014)

This program is for you if….

….The SAD (Standard American Diet) is no longer working for you and you know there must be a healthier way to eat.


….You have tried a low fat raw diet but it didn’t work for you, you felt hungry, tired or dizzy, couldn’t stick to it, or it was too much fruit and not enough protein for you.


….You have tried a social raw diet of raw restaurant food, processed and packaged raw foods, superfoods and raw cacao and you felt depleted, moody, or jittery and it was just too expensive.


….You eat mostly simple, whole, raw foods and feel great overall but you are bored and need more variety, flavor, texture, etc to stay on the path long-term.


….You want to try the raw diet but don’t know where to start or what to eat.


….You believe in being vegetarian or vegan but gained weight when you tried to eat that way.


….You’ve been studying the raw diet for years but are still unsure how exactly to do it.


….You want to go raw safely with experienced guides.


….You want to eat healthier but need a plan.


….You want to eat raw but have no support.


….You are happily raw but always looking for great new raw recipes to add to your repertoire.


….You want to learn raw recipes for entertaining.


….You want to learn raw recipes that are different and taste better than those out there in all the raw books.


….You want to learn to learn to create your own raw recipes.


….You are seeking further raw education.


….You struggle with emotional detox; uncomfortable emotions, ups and downs, irritability, anger or sadness when you try to change your diet.


….You are a great chef who wants to add raw food cuisine to your skill-set.


….You need to lose weight.


….You are a raw man who needs to gain weight; we have recommendations / additions for you on this program that will definitely help you!


….You have tried everything to release weight but due to hormonal changes it isn’t budging. Don’t worry, this will do it!


….You want to go raw but don’t have access to many ingredients. (We can recommend substitutions for almost every ingredient. These recipes are flexible and use mostly everyday ingredients).


….You need kid-friendly raw recipes.


….You need daily motivation and support.


….You need a workout plan.


….You need menu plans with recipes including directions and shopping lists so you don’t have to wonder how to eat a balanced, healthy raw diet that meets your long-term nutritional needs without feeling deprived.


….You need a friendly and encouraging online support forum.


….You need to learn tricks, tips, games and ways of thinking that will help you to stay on the path after a lifetime of food addiction, compulsive overeating and bad habits.


….You need a buddy to help keep you accountable.


….You need a start date!


….You are ready but you just need a reason to take the plunge!
Start date – Monday!


Reason to take the plunge right now: Today is the last day to get the Early Bird Special Rate on our 2-Program Lifetime Membership that gives you ongoing raw support with the 28 Days and 21 Days Raw Programs which run continuously back-to-back so you can stay on the raw diet with support for as long as you like with the daily motivation we all need!


Click here now to find out more about this rawsome deal and register today!


In Joy!
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