What Do You Really Want?

Here’s another one of those little tricks to re-orient your mind away from deciding to eat when you aren’t really hungry.

I often share tips that help combat emotional eating, compulsive overeating and the like because I collect them to help me with my own issues with these.

I know they aren’t going to necessarily combat the core of the issue, which might be anything from food addiction to the need to heal from traumatic experiences and any combination of things which can take a lifetime of seeking for wholeness and doing inner work to resolve or accept.

But for the sake of minimizing harm along the way, I’m not against psyching myself out of overeating or distracting myself from food with other forms of amusement.

Recently I’ve been observing myself in a peacefully detached way. For instance, I was walking down the street noticing whenever I had a negative thought and finding myself able to purposely choose a positive one instead.

And I’ve been able to notice when I’m stressed and choose to stop stressing too. I’m not sure where this kind of growth has come from, but it’s very welcome!

So, this brings me to my new trick. When I’m thinking about eating when I’m not hungry I ask myself “What is it I really want?”. That’s such a nice way to recognize that you have needs, you want to tune into them, and you want to do what’s right for you at any time.

Wait a while and see if you might really need to or want to lie down and rest, take a break and get a change of scenery, do some journaling, bust out a few sit-ups, call a friend, stretch, take a walk, etc…Maybe your habit is to eat when you take a break. Maybe break-times could be times to indulge one of your other dreams, needs, or desires like writing poetry, cleaning up, or meditating.

Leaving space to tune in to what you really want, it is exciting what you might discover. It is nice to know that you might be able to meet more of your needs this way, and become healthier and happier. That’s the positive upward spiral we all want to be on!

In Joy!

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