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Recently discovered myself doing a natural form of affirmations. This recording explores the genesis, benefits and results of the simple practice of mentally/verbally affirming or noticing the positive about yourself and your life.

Also this recording gets in to the related ideas about turning your moods around with exercise, taking care of yourself, how exercise is always a good time investment, why both affirmations and advertising work, and “What Affirmations and Advertisements Have in Common”.

Here’s the 7 minute JINJ radio show from today…

TALK: Listen to: What Affirmations and Advertising Have in Common on JINJ mp3 RawRadio!

I know I put a bit of my music on the end of my last radio post, but this time I’m going to put a clip of me doing a 4-part harmony chant here separately – I might put a little of it on the back and front of the show too – why not! This is like a background – would love to hear someone rap over it.

MUSIC: Listen to: Wake up To Your Dream by Jinjee on JINJ mp3 RawRadio!

In Joy!

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