Weight Loss Hacks

Preserve the taste of the last yummy thing you ate!

taboulitayshaHere’s an awesome little trick for eating less that takes just a simple shift in perspective.

If you’re a person who loves food, this is particularly easy!

This falls into the realm of conscious eating. When you are conscious of the delicious flavors of your food, you can be conscious of the lovely aftertaste for quite a while after eating.

So if you are offered dessert or tempted to eat something shortly after eating, it is easy to choose instead to continue to enjoy the lingering flavor of the last food you ate.

You might say then “No thank you, I’m still savoring the taste of dinner in my mouth”.

Imagine if this cuts down on your snacking by 25%. Over the course of a year it might add up to being quite noticeable!

A few little lifestyle changes like this can actually make a big difference. For instance, you add in a house-cleaning day weekly and you never sit on public toilet seats.

Women who clean their own houses are 20 lbs lighter than others on average.

And by popping a chair-pose instead of sitting on public toilets you not only save time applying seat covers but you build your thigh muscles, one of the biggest and therefore most calorie-burning muscles in your body!

Have any weight-loss hacks to share? Post a reply below!

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