Transformed by Fruit

The Orange Juice Diet ebook

The Orange Juice Diet ebook

When I eat just fruit for a week or two at a time, I notice I have almost unlimited energy, my skin is totally transformed – translucent and glowing, my eyes get bright and clear, and I totally enjoy my food without any cravings for anything else! It is really an incredible natural high that transforms life, physically, emotionally and in every way!

While I think a lot of people have trouble staying nourished on a long-term fruitarian diet, I have experienced and seen such amazing transformations on short-term fruit, fruit smoothie, and green smoothie diets, that I hope you’ll to try it and use this lovely way of eating and living as a periodic cleanse and rejuvenating practice in your life!

Our next group OJ Diet 2-week Cleanse is coming up Monday, April 19th — You can order now to find out how to get the best oranges for your cleanse…You can also participate doing just fruit, fruit juices and smoothies, and you can also optionally add green smoothies (fruit smoothies with dark leafy greens in them).

To join in, purchase our eBook “The OJ Diet” via the link below, and you’ll receive a link to the eBook via email. At the bottom of the eBook is a link to the Online OJ Diet Support Forum and Community where you can post blogs, photos, and get support.

If you participate, you can email us your before and after photos and we’ll choose from everyone’s submissions a “Transformed by Fruit” Champion to be featured and interviewed in Pear Magazine and to receive a free package with all of our raw info Products (eBooks, DVDs, and Pear Magazine)!

Get details or sign up here:

Our “Transformed by Fruit” Champion last month was Miranda Jacobson! You’ll see her story in the next issue of Pear Magazine Online!


- Today I completed day 15 of my orange juice feast. I do not know exactly when or how it happened but all of the mucus glue in my throat is gone. Boy do my lungs feel clear. I do not recall ever breathing like this before. I feel awesome, vibrant, balanced, alive. I tried eating raw nuts the past two days to see if I had my usual negative allergic reaction. Nothing, no reaction at all. Interesting!

– Started at 188 now at 180 pounds. Was a bit hungry the first two days but yesterday made an herbal tea in the late PM… A splash of orange to ya’!

– My colon and stomach are healed and still healing… No straining this morning on the comode and well formed long release in a matter of seconds!! I was so amazed! yeay! Thank goodness it is such a relief to know that my eliminatory system is starting to kick in and doing very well… Also fit into my jeans even when I sit down, don’t have to unzip them to sit down… looking forward to the transition to raw after this.

– I have been on the OJ Diet for 4 days now and I really feel great. My headaches are gone and I just feel great about it.Thanks again.

Join in and get the OJ Diet eBook today! By purchasing the eBook for only $19.95 you’ll be participating in the 14-day OJ Diet Program too – via the OJ Diet Community Forum! Participate any time in future monthly OJ Diet Programs too!

In Joy!


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