The Lengths Raw Vegans Will Go To…

rawvgansWhen I was 100% Raw, and I’m never going to knock it, and I will get back there one day I think (and I still offer 100% raw programs because they provide a useful experience for anyone and an exceptional tool for healing and weight loss – and I have many years of experience being 100% raw, optimizing it for various life situations), but when I was 100% raw for 2 years at a time on and off over the last 2 decades I would go to considerable lengths to indulge my raw tastes.

– Once when I was 100% raw I drove 40 minutes to buy a raw vegan BBQ sauce that I was addicted to. Fortunately, I learned to make it myself and drives like that became a thing of the past.

– When raw restaurants first came into existence, my whole family drove 3 hours each way to have the experience of going out to eat after so many years of living without this civilized luxury!

– I used to get excited about going into health-food stores when raw treats were coming out on the market, and I would load up on expensive kale chips, crackers, cookies, cakes, and other raw vegan packaged yumminess. Before raw became trendy there were no packaged raw items, so it was a weird thrill getting to open a fancy bag or plastic container with a new raw treat within.

– Whenever a new raw culinary discovery or ingredient changed the possibilities of raw cuisine, offering a new flavor or texture enhancement, there would be a time where I would go crazy and overboard with the new addition to my diet.

It’s strange in retrospect that in a way I miss the excitement of these things. I go into a health food store now and my heart doesn’t quicken the way it used to. At the same time I feel a little concerned for my past self; does that level of intensity around food denote that I was deficient in something? That I was feeling deprived?

Perhaps not. It could be that I was genuinely hungry, and that’s a good thing. A little hunger between meals is healthy. It is the best spice. Your body has had time to fully assimilate your previous meal. And you are ready to receive nourishment with optimal efficiency. The digestive organs aren’t overworked. Your food is mostly nutrients and very little toxins or empty calories. This is called “nutrient density”.

But on 100% raw, you don’t have the feeling of fullness, the warm fuzzy, dull, tired sensation after eating that can last for hours. Instead you are energized, and so you start burning those calories right away, and you almost have to get used to living with more intensity, and more sensitivity. Without some sort of calming practice it could be quite frazzling or exhausting.

The fun of it is how different you feel almost immediately eating 100% raw. It somehow makes it easier to stick to, it is inspiring, positive physical changes happen very fast, and your energy picks up right away.

So why don’t I eat 100% raw all the time? I will write about that another day; it’s a long story! :)

What lengths have you gone to in your quest to eat raw?

In Joy!

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One Response to The Lengths Raw Vegans Will Go To…

  1. Tim says:

    Now you really worked me up,please let us know asap why you don’t eat 100& raw.
    Lol,my length is going to be around the world,to the tropics,where a place is waiting,that I dreams of,to live on the farm and of the land.

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